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Ninja Log 02/20/2020

Ninja log

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Prestige System

  • Few improvements towards the newly added Prestige system (more information, improved code, fixed grammar);
  • When prestiging with EXP worth more than level 99 in ALL skills, the prestige levels (and points) will get increased by each virtual level 99 based off of the lowest EXP skill (ie. at least 104m EXP in all skills would give you 8 prestige levels, 200m EXP in all skills would give you 15). This information will also be seen on the confirmation screen;


  • Quercus will no longer display the current Warbands location IF the camp tent's have already been looted;
  • You will no longer be able to teleport using ';;wbt' if the current event has not started yet, or has already ended;


  • All Ascension creatures now have access to the Rare drop table;
  • Added a new Runite Rock Mining teleport (East of Fight Arena);
  • Populated the Port Khazard area with NPC spawns and made some objects functionable;
  • Combat EXP will now be calculated ON HIT rather than on animation start. This allows for all calculations and checks to come in play before calculating the final hit, and then rewarding EXP based off of that hit (this fixes multiple issues, ie. hitting 0's when the NPC has a cap damage set, getting more EXP on final NPC blows);
  • Overhauled Lava Strykewyrms. Fixed all 'nulling' issues, projectiles properly timed (can be prayer-flicked), special attacks are now on cool-down, corrected combat formulas;

Bug Fixes

  • Few improvements and fixes with how EXP scales while Triple EXP bonus is active (it will no longer stack with well/weekend bonuses. Players who've used up their triple XP bonus will still get the regular boosts as per usual);
  • Familiars can no longer attack other players while in single-way combat zones;
  • Dungeoneering Floor items will no longer endlessly re-spawn;

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