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Ninja Log 09/15/2020

Ninja log

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Combat related

  • Changed the damage modifiers for Inquisitors Staff, Terrasaur Maul and Hexhunter bow from dealing a % of target's levels to a solid modifier of 1.125 (ie. your final damage * 1.125 (same as RS3));
  • Increased the damage penalty you receive for using higher tier ammunition with lower tier bows;
  • Dying in all instanced boss rooms will now remove the Hardcore Ironman rank;
  • Augmented Noxious weapons can now perform their special attacks;


Grand Exchange

  • Added a 'Tab' system to the main Grand Exchange interface with a total of 10 tabs (60 G.E. offer slots in total now);
  • Extra tabs will be locked by default and will unlock retroactively with player's donator rank;
  • 'Player Listings' tab and 'History re-do' offer features will automatically find the next free slot in all player's available tabs;



  • Regular mode players will no longer trigger level/EXP world announcements;
  • Increased the Sophanem Slayer Supply shop stock of Ma'at feathers;



  • Shops will now sell the correct Magic Stone item versions;
  • The Log Banking ability reward from Evil Tree's will no longer bank bloodwood logs (neither will porters, or any other banking-ability perks);
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 'players online' interface to display your total level besides every player's name rather than that particular players level;
  • Existing stack-able ground items will now generate a secondary item pile if the existing items owner cannot be interacted with;
  • Fixed a few issues with Protean Hunter traps;
  • Elder Tree's will no longer be able to be chopped down after they've depleted;
  • Fixed a few issues with Sophanem's Dungeon NPC's. Also made 'Akh' NPC loot be collected inside Sophanem's chest;
  • Prifddinas Elves will now count for the Thieving pick-pocket daily challenge.




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OFFLINE   Karamelli


    Very sweet :>

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G.E update looks amazing, great work as always ! =]

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