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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshoot Helpful

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Useful links



(I) Problem: The Client opens up a folder with a bunch of files in them, how do I play?


Solution: Other software may cause Java JAR file registries to change (Winrar for example). To fix this issue download and run the JARFix tool as an administrator (right-click -> Run as administrator -> Yes). Refresh the folder in which your client is located at and double-click to run it!




(II) Problem: The Auto Update Launcher runs for a few seconds and closes, what do I do?


Solution: The issue varies between platforms and operating systems, our suggestion is to get the Universal Velheim client.




(III) Problem: The client crashes (freezes) after a couple minutes of game-play, how do I fix?



  • You're running 32-bit Java, get 64-bit Java and re-try;
  • Cache hasn't finished downloading yet, open the console (key on your keyboard under escape) and type 'displayfps' to view its current progress.
  • Not enough RAM allocated, download the Velheim BAT file and run our client through that. Make sure you place the Client and the BAT file in the same folder! You can also allocate more RAM if you wish to by right-clicking the BAT file -> Edit -> Change "-Xmx1320m" to a higher number (these are megabytes) -> Save & Exit;
  • Prioritize the Java process used by Velheim to "Above normal" through task manager.



(IV) Problem: There's nothing on the screen except NPC's and some objects, what do I do?


Solution: Cache hasn't finished downloading yet. Compared to other Runescape servers our cache is ~ 1.7GB since we're loading all the latest data directly from RuneScape 3's cache. Simply wait 5 minutes and reload your client!




(V) Problem: I cannot switch from safe / software - modes, what do I do?



  • Update your graphics drivers and make sure your graphics card supports the mode you're trying to switch to;
  • If you're using 32-bit Java, uninstall that and get 64-bit;
  • This might've occurred randomly, simply reloading your client sometimes fixes this issue.



(VI) Problem: I get disconnected the second I log-in, what do I do?


Solutions: We're not entirely sure what causes this issue yet (though we're working on it to figure out) - simply reloading your client fixes this issue.



(VII) Problem: I get an error "Could not load or find main class" popup message


Solutions: This happens due to too many or non-solid JAVA versions on your machine. Go to your control panel and uninstall all existing JAVA versions first, after that's done, navigate to your Program Files and manually delete every JAVA folder/version. When all that's done, simply go to http://java.com/en/download and install the latest version.



Let us know if this was helpful or not, we shall try and keep this troubleshoot thread up-to-date.

If you have something you would like to add to this guide - private message any of the staff members and we'll add it.


Having a different problem? Join our Discord channel and message any staff member - we'll be more than happy to help you with whatever issue you're dealing with!

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