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Update Logs #24 - The Magister boss & More

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm


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The Magister
Introducing Sophanem Slayer dungeon's new boss - The Magister!

  • Requirements to fight him: level 115 Slayer and a key of the crossing, obtained as drop from one of the monsters within the dungeon;
  • I tried and made him as close to how he is in RuneScape 3 (with additional exceptions of which you'll notice when fighting him);
  • He drops phylacteries which you may smash open to obtain scraps of scripture, which then can be crafted into 3 different kinds of blessings at level 92 Crafting. 3 blessings and a khopesh of the kharidian can be combined into a brand new tier 92 one-handed melee stab weapon - khopesh of tumeken! The new khopesh lasts 60'000 charges in combat, can be dyed and repaired at Bob;
  • Magister also introduces a pair of new tier 85 melee power gloves - gloves of passage, which last 60'000 charges in combat and can be repaired at Bob.
  • Also, as with any other boss - a new boss pet! The Minister pet may now be obtained as a very rare drop;
  • Added the Magister as possible Reaper assignment.

Treasure Trail Dyes

  • Completely revamped how item dyes were handled (code-wise) for easier item adding in the future;
  • All items that are dye-able in RuneScape 3 may now also be dyed on Velheim (we were missing quite a lot);
  • You may now dye your items with the Ice dye if you've gotten one from a Master clue scroll;
  • Added all Ice dyed item bonuses as well as made them all use the degradation and repairing functions (oh boy this took a while..).

Soul Reaper

  • Did some slight edits towards the rewards interface;
  • Reaper titles II & III now only require 10 of each boss to be killed. The total boss kill requirements are still 1'000 and 5'000 respectively;
  • Helwyr, Vindicta, Gregorovic and The Magister added to the Reaper title requirements.


  • Added a Dragonfire shield overlay icon when the shield activates to see how long until it can be used again;
  • Added 8 new overlay icons for each Prifddinas district when you've been caught 3 times in a row to see when you will be able to thieve there again (thanks Ahoy for the design);
  • When Silverhawk boots activate the game will now tell you how much EXP you've been granted as well as tell you how many charges they have left;
  • Changed Khopesh of Kharidian combat bonuses to tailor towards the Stab style since it's a stab weapon;
  • More Velheim Discord bot improvements; formatting, game-modes as well as new commands.



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Awesome update sand!! Stoked to try out the magister!!

OFFLINE   Pythius



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yis! all most got 115 slayer for it :D 

OFFLINE   Skiller Ajs

Skiller Ajs


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Great to see, Not 115 slayer yet so can't access It but I'm sure It will be good.



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These new icons for Priffindas look fabelous! *cough*




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He also added clue scrolls for some skills <3 




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awesome updates as always :) 


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