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Araxxor guide

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I. About Araxxor

The Araxxor encounter is a 3 phase fight leading progressively further into the lair ending with a final 4th phase encounter Araxxi which is a stronger araxyte capable of using all 3 combat styles. Araxxi drops high level materials, hilts for all 3 combat styles and 3 parts of a leg piece. Collecting all 3 leg pieces and any hilt are required to make 1 weapon.

II. Preparations

  • Level Recommendations

» 99 qKBnBC2.png and 99 ZAsJcle.png

» 70-95y0eyoDY.png

» 68-99 5lSKc5j.png War tortoise minimum. I highly recommend using Pak Yak for the first couple times. Once you're more familiar with the boss and mechanics, switch to Steel titan at 99 for more DPS.

» 96+ ARoz1Gz.png To make your own overloads. Otherwise you could always buy them from another player.


  • Item Recommendation

o9s5Nu3.png Araxyte Pheromone whilst in your inventory will force Araxxor to spawn as his weakness against your currently style. Greatly making the fight easier.


  • Aura Recommendations

KgWnamQ.png Master & Supreme Poison Purge are the most beneficial aura you can use followed by Vampyrism. Each aura has a base useage of 1 hour with a 3 hour cooldown


  • Perk Recommendations

These are completely optional can greatly assist you in the fight.


Herbivore Double the duration of potion timers.

Over Clocking Increases aura timers by 50%, reduced aura recharge time by 50%.

Friendly Familiar Increases familiar timers by 50%

Pyromancy Increases health gained from bonfires by an additional 50%


  • Gear Recommendations

Click the spoiler to view a chart of what I'd recommend taking



  • Inventory Setup

Your inventory should look something along the lines of this. If you don't own a poison purge aura you should bring a super antipoison. Please note, you can use regular non-flask potions and food too. If using food, you may want to use a Beast of Burden familiar first to get an idea of how much food you will use per fight.




III. The Cave


How to get there



IV. The encounter

Before you begin, let's go over Araxxor's main attack rotation that you need to be aware of.

  • Cobweb Araxxor's first attack will be this move where he will cover himself with a web and heal 100 points of health 3 times before being attackable again. Please be aware, during this attack all damage you deal to Araxxor while he is covered with a web is reflected back onto you and heals him. This can be avoided by simple moving away and not attacking until it's over.
  • Cleave About a minute or two after Cobweb Araxxor will pull you in and do massive amounts of melee damage. It's important to keep your health up and if you're quick enough, turning on protection from melee will negate the damage.

Assuming you're using range and have brought the araxyte pheromone with you, as soon as you climb down the webbed barrier Araxxor should spawn instantly in magic form which is indicated by his blue legs. This is area is Araxxor's first phase.

» Phase 1
Starting off, turn on your 4gNqrj2.pngT6QWN35.png protections, your best offensive stat boosting prayers and run Keep directly East and burn the web.
At this point, you should be focuses on attack Araxxor. Shortly after burning the web, Araxxor will use either Cobweb or Cleave randomly first so pay attention. Make sure your health is up before this attack. About a minute or two after this attack, he'll use use the other attack he didn't use. If it's Cobweb, get off and wait for it to end. Keep attacking Araxxor until his health is almost completely gone. You will not be able to kill Araxxor completely so get him as low as possible and proceed East to the next phase.


» Phase 2
Assuming you followed the above steps correctly, you can skip the entire phase 2 because of how much damage you dealt to Araxxor on Phase 1. Continue over the Acid pool onto the top ramp and climb down to proceed to the 3rd phase of Araxxor.

» Phase 3
This phase is a repeat of phase 1. Simply pay attention to his rotations, cobweb and cleave and keep your health up. Once Araxxor is nearly dead, he will move onto the final platform where you will face Araxxi.

» Phase 4 (Araxxi)
This is the final phase of the entire fight. Araxxi will come down and kill Araxxor. Please be aware that Araxxi will use both Magic, Ranged and melee attacks. Stay out of melee distance. It's easier to keep prayer on one protection and tanking the other damage. Araxxi has no special moves except her basic range, magic and melee attacks so all you have to focus on is keeping your health up until she's dead.

When Araxxi is dead you can search her corpse for your rewards. Claim them before you teleport or they will be lost.

V. The Uniques

Araxxor has a variety of unique rewards possible after each kill. It's also possible to obtain more than one of the same type of unique if you're lucky enough.

All of these unique rewards below are not tradable in their dropped form. Once all 3 leg pieces are obtained, they can be combined together to make one big spider leg which is tradable. It's the secondary component required to make a weapon which can be added onto an Araxxi's Eye, Fang or Web.

For a full list of Araxxi's rewards, please visit this page


QF51IkN.png Noxious Longbow tier 90 ranged 2 handed bow.
50U4TF9.pngNoxious Staff tier 90 2 handed staff
SVlSnuP.png Noxious Scythe tier 90 2 handed halberd. Has the unique ability to hit multiple targets with each attack in multi-combat

Edited by Effy, 21 September 2018 - 03:14 PM.

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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel


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Great Guide. I'd just tell people that ccbs/ascs are gonna be best, because the other bows are underpowered at the moment.

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such a wonderful job Effy, keep up the good work :idea:

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OFFLINE   Emrakul



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I love this guide it helped me with my first raxx kill i found an alternate method for other players to use to kill it that they might prefer as each trip may be cheaper.


Level Recommendations:

99 Magic

99 Defense

75+ Prayer (the higher the better)

96+ herblore if making own potions like Effy said.

1-99 Summoning (i say level 1-99 because i never use summoning and i still get very easy and fast kills)


Gear Recommendations:

Helm: infinity or better

Body: infinity or better

Legs: infinity or better

Boots: infinity or better

Gloves: infinity or better

Amulet: reaper,souls.arcane stream,saradomin's hiss

Cape: comp,TokHaar-Kal,Max,skillcape

Ring: Ring of death with the best luck ring you can get.

Weapon: Abyssal wand or better

Shield: Abyssal orb or better


Inventory Setup:

1 Overload flask (6)

1 Prayer renewal flask (6)

1 Super restore flast (6)

1 Araxyte Pheromone

# blood,death,soul runes (i normally bring 1k cast so 4k bllods 4k death 1k souls this should get u around 5-10 kills)

and the rest Sara brew flasks(6)


With this method fallowing the same steps i use only use 5-7 brews on average with the aura.


I hope this helps some players out great job on the guide Effy.

Ps. sorry i don't have pretty pictures.

OFFLINE   Dynasty



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great guide, extremely helpful

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yeah gunna have to agree great guide ended up following this last night with basic poison purge as i dont have supreme yet and was able to get my first ever raxxor kill. thanks for the amazing guide :D




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Great guide this should help out a lot of players.

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