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Price guide (updated)

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OFFLINE   Dynasty



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Credit to Jitters for original post!


Will add more items if players request certain items/new items released.


                                    Cntrl + F to search        Gear key:        

                                                                                                                                              Does it degrade to dust?

                                                                                                                                              Yes (Y)

                                                                                                                                              No (N)





Khopesh of Tumeken ~ TBD (N)

Khopesh of Elidinis ~ TBD (N)


Blightbound crossbow ~ (to be added) (N)

Off-Hand Blightbound crossbow ~ (to be added) (N)


Wand of the praesul ~ (to be added) (N)

Imperium core ~ (to be added) (N)


Zaros Godsword ~ (to be added) (N)

Seren Godbow ~ (to be added) (N)

Staff of Sliske ~ (to be added) (N)




Noxious scythe ~ 130m (N)

Noxious longbow ~ 130m (N)

Noxious staff ~ 130m (N)


Ascension crossbow ~ 250m-300m (N)

Off-hand Ascension crossbow ~ 250m-300m (N)


Drygore longsword ~ 100m (N)

Off-hand Drygore longsword ~ 100m (N)

Drygore rapier ~ 100m (N)

Off-hand Drygore rapier ~ 100m (N)

Drygore mac - 100m (N)

Off-hand Drygore mace ~ 100m(N)


Seismic wand ~ (to be added) (N)

Seismic singularity ~ (to be added) (N)




Blade of nymora ~ (to be added) (N)

Blade of ayrass ~ (to be added) (N)

Dragon rider lance ~ 45m (N)


Shadow Glaive ~ 30m (N)

Off-hand Shadow glaive ~ 30m (N)


Wand of the cywir elders ~ 40m (N)

Orb of the cywir elders ~ 40m (N)




Khopesh of the kharidian ~ 15m-20m (N)

Off-hand Khopesh of the kharidian ~ 15m-20m (N)




Virtus wand ~ 25m (Y)

Virtus book ~ 25m (Y)


Zaryte bow ~ 10m-20m (Y)


Hex hunter bow ~ 10m-15m (Y)




Armadyl crossbow ~ 4-5m (N)

Off-hand Armadyl crossbow ~ 4-5m (N)


Abyssal wand ~ 5m (N)

Abyssal orb ~ 5m (N)

Staff of light ~ 5m (N)

Polypore staff ~ 5m (N)


Armadyl godword ~ 8m (N)

Saradomin godsword ~ 8m (N)

Zamorak godsword  ~ 8m (N)

Banods godsword ~ 8m (N)



Abyssal whip ~ 4-5m (N)

Zamorakian spear ~ 12m (N)






Sirenic scale ~ 3m


Sirenic mask ~ 43m (Y)

Sirenic hauberk ~ 128m (Y)

Sirenic chaps ~ 85.5m (Y)


Malevolent energy ~ 3m


Malevolent helm ~ 43m (Y)

Malevolent cuirass ~ 128m (Y)

Malevelon greaves ~ 85.5m (Y)


Tectonic energy ~ (to be added)


Tectonic mask ~ (to be added) (Y)

Tectonic robe top ~ (to be added) (Y)

Tectonic Robe bottom ~ (to be added) (Y)


Glaiven wing-tip ~ 50m (Y) (Degrades back to T85 state)

Ragefire gland ~ 50m (Y) (Degrades back to T85 state)

Steadfast scale ~ 50m (Y) (Degrades back to T85 state)


Razorback Gauntlets ~ 2m (Y)

Ascension grips ~ 1m-2m (Y)

Celestial handwraps ~ 3m-5m (Y)




Glaiven boots ~ 20-30m (N)

Ragefire boots ~ 20-30m (N)

Steadfast boots ~ 20-30m (N)

Gloves of passage ~ 1m-2m (Y)




Pernix cowl ~ 25m (Y)

Pernix body ~ 25m (Y)

Pernix chaps ~ 25m (Y)

Pernix boots ~ 20m (Y)

Pernix gloves ~ 20m (Y)


Virtus Mask ~ 25m (Y)

Virtus robe top ~ 25m (Y)

Virtus robe bottom ~ 25m (Y)

Virtus boots ~ 20m (Y)

Virtus gloves ~ 20m (Y)


Torva full helm ~ 25m (Y)

Torva platebody ~25m (Y)

Torva platelegs ~ 25m (Y)

Torva boots ~ 20m (Y)

Torva gloves ~ 20m (Y)




Ganodermic visor ~ 5m(Y)

Ganodermic poncho ~ 5m (Y)

Ganodermic leggings ~ 5m (Y)


Armadyl helmet ~ 10m (N)

Armadyl chestplate ~ 15m (N)

Armadyl chainskirt ~ 15m (N)

Armadyl boots ~ 5m (N)

Armadyl gloves ~ 5m (N)

Armadyl buckler ~ 1m (N)


Hood of subjugation ~ 2m (N)

Garb of subjugation ~ 2m (N)

Gown of subjugation ~ 3-4m (N)

Boots of subjugation ~ 2m (N)

Gloves of subjugation ~ 2m (N)

Ward of subjugation ~ 1m (N)


Bandos helmet ~ 5m (N)

Bandos chestplate ~ 20m (N)

Bandos tassets ~ 20m (N)

Bandos boots ~ 2-3m (N)

Bandos gloves ~ 2-3m (N)

Bandos warshield ~ 1m (N)


Barrows gear 1-2m (including weapons) (Y)




Amulet of souls ~ 30-40m (Y)

Reaper necklace ~ 30-40m (Y)

Deathtouch bracelet ~ 30-40m (Y)

Ring of death ~ 30-40m (Y)

Amulet of fury ~ 5m (N) 

Saradomins' hiss ~ 8m (N)

Saradomins' murmur ~ 8m (N)

Saradomins' whisper ~ 8m (N)

Amulet of ranging ~ 2m-4m (N)

Hazelmere's signet ~ 250m-300m (N)

Luck of the dwarves ~ 115m-150m (N)

Ring of fortune ~ 5m (N)

Ring of wealth(4) ~ 75k (N)

Berserker ring ~ 2m (N)

Warrior ring ~ 2m (N)

Seers' Village' Village' ring ~ 2m (N)

Archer's ring ~ 2m (N)




Soul ornament kit ~ 80m (N)

Reaper ornament kit ~ 80m (N)


Third-age full helm ~ 80m (N)

Third-age platebody ~ 120m (N)

Third-age platelegs ~ 120m (N)

Third-age kiteshield ~ 50m-80m (N)

Third-age mage hat ~ 60m-80m (N)

Third-age robe top ~ 60m-80m (N)

Third-age robe bottom ~ 60m-80m (N)

Thrid-age mage amulet ~ 10m-15m (N)

Third-age ranged coif ~ 20m-40m (N)

Third-age ranged top ~ 20m-40m (N)

Third-age ranged legs ~ 20m-40m (N)

Third-age Vambraces ~ 2m-5m (N)

Third-age wreath ~ 130m (N)

Third-age drudic robe top ~ 130m(N)

Third-age drudic robe bottom ~ 130m (N)

Third-age drudic cape ~ 80m (N)

Third-age drudic staff ~ 50-70m (N)


Ice dye ~ 300m (One time use on t90 gear, Allows to be repaired)

Blood dye ~ 250m (One time use on t90 gear, Allows to be repaired)

Third-age dye ~ 200m (One time use on t90 gear, Allows to be repaired)

Shadow dye ~ 150m-180m (One time use on t90 gear, Allows to be repaired)

Barrows dye ~ 80m-100m (One time use on t90 gear, Allows to be repaired)


Orlando smith's hat ~ (TBD)


Barrows totem ~ 50k-100k

Master quest point cape ~ 20m-40m




Saradomin brew(4) ~ 24k

Saradomin brew(6) ~ 36k

Prayer renewal(4) ~ 20k

Prayer renewal(6) ~ 30k

Overload(4) ~ 400k

Overload(6) ~ 600k

Super restore(4) ~ 12k

Super restore(6) ~ 18k

Aggression potion(4) ~ 200k

Aggression potion(6) ~ 300k (To be added)

Rocktail ~ 1.2k




Ascension keystone Primus ~ 500k (One per kill)

Ascension keystone Secundus ~ 500k (One per kill)

Ascension keystone Tertius ~ 500k (One per kill)

Ascension keystone Quartus ~ 500k (One per kill)

Ascension keystone Quintus ~ 500k (One per kill)

Ascension keystone Sextus ~ 500k (One per kill)


Crystal key ~ 500k-1m (One time use)

Key to the crossing ~ 250k-500k (One per kill)


Rares: (Removed for the time being after feedback)


Christmas cracker ~ 250-300m

Blue partyhat ~ 200m

White partyhat ~ 400m

Red partyhat ~ 200-210m

Green partyhat ~ 200-220m

Yellow partyhat ~  200m 

Purple partyhat ~ 190-200m



Santa hat ~ TBD

Black santa hat ~ TBD


Blue H'ween mask ~ 90-120m

Red H'ween mask ~ 90-120m

Green H'ween mask ~ 90-120m




Dragon pickaxe ~ 5M

Dragon hatchet ~ 10-15M






Would just like to point out the updated ones are a)from what i've seen in the grand exchange and by players or b) a rough estimate, if you feel like i should change one please let me know and will do so accordingly.

Edited by Dynasty, 09 January 2019 - 10:37 PM.

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thanks bro, glad to have an updated guide :)

OFFLINE   Emrakul



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Great update but a few price change to be made.

1 dragon hatchet is 10-15m and drygores are 100m+ mostly now other than that rest seems solid.




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Thanks for the updated guide this will help out a lot of newer players to sell their goodies :)

OFFLINE   boss3412



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plz add port weapons and armors to price guide ;p

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