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MINE MINE MINE (Mining rework GUIDE)ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ [HCIM/IM Friendly]


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Welcome to a guide of all things Mining!

This will be mainly for Ironmen/Hardcore Ironmen with combat 3 (no combat related skilling or help)


For a guide on two other skills Dungeoneering  :dungeoneering: and Slayer, :slayer:  please feel free to check out my other guide. 


Before even thinking about starting skilling, make sure to turn off your combat XP...


In the skills tab click any of the combat skills:

:constitution: Constitution/Hitpoints
:attack: Attack

:strength: Strength

:defence: Defence

:ranged: Ranged

:prayer: Prayer

:magic: Magic

:summoning: Summoning


Then a menu will pop-up and simply click on 


Experience Lock [currently: Locked]


If it looks like that :lol: CONGRATS  :lol: ! You will no longer get XP in combat (within reason...) There have been times where this can be override so be careful - such as holiday events, lamps, stars from Squeal of Fortune still adding bonus xp.


:mining: Mining  :mining:


With Sand's recent update of theMining and Smithing rework, Mining has become a much less painful skill to worry about. 


Recommended strategy:


Like any skill, perks, lamps, bonus xp stars help greatly, Mining is no exception. I would also recommend at every opportunity to complete every daily challenge! Good xp, money and an easy skill lamp.


If you can spare $5/500 Velheim Coins for the Quarry Master Perk this will massively help training mining for 1-99/120/200m easier. The Perk itself... Increases the maximum mining stamina by 25%, additional 10% to critically swing and an extra 5% damage dealt per swing.


Another thing I would work myself towards is the Aura: Supreme Quarrymaster -  Increases chance of critical swings by 8% (more into that a little later) 


Starting off  :flap: 


To NOT confuse you too much with the new update, I will just tell you simply that mining has become more AFKable, how? Well the ores NEVER DEPLETE . If you want to learn the full ins and outs there are plenty of guides/videos from RS3 - but I am just going to tell you the best methods to be efficient for your skilling needs. 


Items Needed: Similar to before, in order to mine the ores quicker you needed the best tiered pickaxe for your level. This has slightly changed, since before you needed a certain pickaxe to mine the ores faster. Now it is very similar, but you need the better tier pickaxe to match the high tier ores. Rule of thumb, bring the best axe you can make/get - Hence why as a HCIM/IM I would KEEP all my ores to smith into items!  :lol:


- pickaxe - 

Level 1 Bronze

Level 10 Iron

Level 20 Steel

Level 30 Mithril

Level 40 Adamant

Level 50 Rune

[Level 60 Dragon] - RNG based from Priffindas Trisk key opening

[Level 70 Crystal] - Perk based only! Buying Mellon to access Priff and using crafting to gain the pieces

Level 90 Elder Rune (+1/+2/+3/+4/+5)


a NEW ITEM introduced with the update was something called an ore box. Long story short, this box can hold 120 ores, the better the ore box, the more ores it can hold of each tier. 

e.g. Bronze Box = 120 Copper, 120 Tin

Steel Box = 120 Coal, 120 Silver, 120 Iron120 Copper120 Tin

and so on, so on, so on #ElderRuneBoxFTW

Also one thing to keep in mind, especially for HCIM/IM, you need to start with the Bronze Box in order to upgrade it to the next ranked box (explained below) 


Disclaimer! I am unaware at the moment of the exact ore box levels (in terms of smithing, but considering the fact you need the bars to make these and as mentioned this is tailored for HCIM/IM you will already have the smithing level to make the boxes/bars)  :smithing:


- ore boxes - 

Bronze Box - needing 2 Bronze Bars

Iron Box - needing 1 Bronze Box, 2 Iron Bars

Steel Box - needing 1 Iron Box, 2 Steel Bars

Mithril Box - needing 1 Steel Box, 2 Mithril Bars

Adamant Box - needing 1 Mithril Box, 2 Adamant Bars

Rune Box - needing 1 Adamant Box, 2 Rune Bars

Orikalkum Box - needing 1 Rune Box, 2 Orikalkum Bars

Necronium Box - needing 1 Orikalkum Box, 2 Necronium Bars

Bane Box - needing 1 Necronium Box, 2 Bane Bars

Elder Rune Box - needing 1 Bane Box, 2 Elder Runes Bars



Maximising XP as a skiller  :kiss: 


My best advice: With the whole new update, it seems wise in terms of xp, the best ores provide the best all-around xp, especially if you are wanting to do Smithing afterwards, you may as well gather the ores that can get you get quicker and more efficient. 


In terms of the levels and locations: All 'new' ores have been added to the Mining teleport list, located in the skills tab in the Mining skill icon. 


If you are use to the 'old' style of ores (e.g. Runite being the best at 85)...well it is time to get with the changes and make note of the DIFFERENT levels of each ore. 


Disclaimer: In terms of banking ores. If you have purchased the $5 perk you will have ;;dz as a teleport option which will be the easiest to bank the ores using the FURNACE/ANVIL/FORGE - this will auto-bank the ores ready to smith. Think of it as a separate bank for just ores and bars. Otherwise the best option would be Lumbridge Furnace/Falador Artisans or any place in the SMITHING skill tab. 


:diamond: ORES  :diamond:

Levels 1-10: Tin and Copper (50/50) ready for Smithing

Levels 10-20: Iron

Levels 20-30: Coal

Levels 40-50: Adamant and Luminite (50/50) ready for Smithing
Levels 50-60: Runite (again still mine Luminite ready for Smithing)

Levels 60-70: Orichalcite and Drakolith (50/50)

Levels 70-80: Necrite and Phasmatite (50/50)

Levels 80-90: Banite

Levels 90+: Light and Dark Animica (50/50)


Elite Skilling Outfit

Once Level 80, you will start collecting random amounts of Fragments called 'Gemstone Golem Fragments' which will automatically be placed within your Currency Pouch (under the Quest Tab)


When you have 3,600 fragments you can make one piece of random armour using any Invention bench (best one is at Varrock Anvil teleport in Smithing tab) 


Each set has 5 pieces to making a full outfit: Head, Torso, Gloves, Legs, Boots. Costing 18,000 frags. 

There are a total of 3 different outfits: Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby (totalling up to 54,000 frags)


When you have 54,000 or all outfits pieces you can combine each one which will create one Magic Golem Outfit piece


When you gather the FULL Magic Golem outfit you will receive: 

  • 5% increased critical hit chance
  • +1 rockertunity multiplier
  • Removes aggression from living rock creatures
  • Uses the golden mining suit's bonus experience if owned.
  • Uses the Varrock armour's effect if owned.



Good luck on the skills and add me ingame for more help and tips   :coolpepe: !!


Will add more skiling guides and pictures later <3   :ph34r:  (when I CBA and figure how)

Edited by Sun, 26 January 2019 - 12:38 AM.

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Yet again, Another amazing guide. Keep up the good work! :D

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Yet again, Another amazing guide. Keep up the good work! :D

Added some bits after some very kind help and prompt ;) 




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Very nice guide Sun :)

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