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Update Log #49 - 'Classic game-mode', Dwarf cannon, New client and some fixes

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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  • In-game Username:Sandstorm
  • Time Online: 44d 10h 11m 31s

A smaller update this time, expect some goodies in #50 :)


Game-mode related

  • Introducing the new 'Classic' game-mode. New players will now be able to choose the Classic mode, which has a base EXP multiplier of x2 and a slight drop-rate boost of +5%. Existing players may also switch to the Classic mode in exchange for all their current EXP and levels, they can do so by speaking to Darude;
  • The new Classic mode has its own Hiscores page, its own chat icon and 'player-first' achievements (that are viewable on our Discord channel);
  • Added a small information dialogue for new players when selecting game-modes that will give a general hint to what each game-mode does;
  • All ironman modes will now have a +5% drop-rate increase.

Dwarf Multicannon

  • The Dwarf Cannon may now be purchased from Nulodion for 750k in total. Nulodion has his full RuneScape 3 dialogue;
  • Cannon works the same way as it used to in pre-eoc, dealing up to 300 damage per cannonball shot;
  • Players will now be able to Smelt cannonballs by selecting Iron ore or Coal at any Furnace via the ore bank;
  • Cannons have the same placement restriction as in the real game;
  • If a player leaves their cannon at the same spot for over 25 minutes, the cannon will disappear and will have to be re-claimed from Nulodion (will also work if the player looses connection or logs out with it placed).


  • Upgraded cache from revision 902 to revision 903 (Shadow Reef update - 25 February, 2019);
  • The NPC drop-table interface will no longer close while in combat;
  • Improved how the Wyvern crossbow inflicted poison to players current target;
  • Improved loot beams, with sky-box messages informing the player of the most recent 'beamed' drop (on resizable mode only), ability to swap between beam override types from the loot-beam settings dialogue and fixed the Reaper's rainbow beam;
  • Since revision 903 seems to have introduced new object types, there's now a new client up for grab that fixes those as well as object 'animations' for cannon and other minorities. Get it here: https://www.dropbox....elheim.jar?dl=0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where dying in the Wilderness with an item that degrades would cause the server to freeze. Also made so all items degrade to dust or broken state on death when dying in the Wilderness (to any source);
  • Fixed combat animations for all Tzhaar-city monsters;
  • Corrected crawling hand, revenant, araxxor, all godwars dungeon - drop tables, as well as some other ones I've forgot to write down;
  • Fixed an issue where getting poisoned (effect) would not actually cycle and hit the Entity;
  • Fixed an issue with Magic spell casting; players will now properly receive the base cast EXP even if they've splashed/dealt 0 damage;
  • Improved the Lava Strykewyrm combat script;
  • Ascension crossbows will now degrade properly;
  • The Hexhunter bow may now once again be repaired;
  • .. and some other minor things not worth mentioning.



 - Media -




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  • In-game Username:Effy
  • Time Online: 20d 4h 1m 39s

Sweeet thank you for the new game mode! Looks like i'll be trying that out for a while.

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  • Server Support
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  • Discord:#6960
  • In-game Username:IZerkOff
  • Time Online: 13d 1h 10m 11s

Noice as always great work!

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OFFLINE   Dynasty



  • Game Moderator
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  • In-game Username:Dynasty
  • Time Online: 8d 16h 11m 48s

Absolutely stunning update :cool:!

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OFFLINE   Nahakrin



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  • In-game Username:Nahakrin
  • Time Online: 7h 48m 41s
Small yet so good. Thanks for the content.
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    The Captain of Velheim

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  • Discord:Ahoy
  • LocationThe Netherlands
  • In-game Username:Ahoy
  • Time Online: 13d 18h 18s

Baaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllssssssssssss <3

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OFFLINE   jefersonakl



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  • Discord:Jefersonakl#8071
  • LocationUnited States
  • In-game Username:jefersonakl
  • Time Online: 1d 22h 11m

Great game mode, its significantly different than all other game modes and I think the +5% drop buff is right in the sweet spot. Also great job on the cannon and the stability upgrades.

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OFFLINE   That one Adam

That one Adam


  • Emeralds
  • 24 posts
  • In-game Username:Beowulf
  • Time Online: 1d 44m 40s

Amazing! Been waitin for that Classic mode tbh!

New character: Beowulf V3 :) 

Thanks Sand <3

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  • Rubies
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  • Discord:Toy
  • In-game Username:Sun
  • Time Online: 3d 10m 57s

Thank you Sand! <3 

The Slayer pet grind was very helpful with the canon :D 

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