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Update Log #53 - Firemaking Update (Incense Sticks) & Miscellaneous

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Following up on RuneScape 3's update on 25th of March, here's the Firemaking update..
Firemaking general changes

  • Bonfire Fire spirits will now have a random chance of giving the player an XP boost for the next couple logs while doing bonfire actions;
  • Bonfire Fire spirits will no longer give items directly, but instead, will give Fire spirit items that will be placed into player's inventories and be open-able for rewards;
  • Mining stone spirits have been added to the Bonfire spirit reward table;
  • The Prifddinas Bonfire will now have a chance of saving your logs when training Firemaking;
  • Lighting curly roots will no longer have a chance to trigger a Bonfire Fire spirit;
  • Players will no longer be able to fully AFK all of their protean logs at once, the action will be capped at 60 cycles.

Incense Sticks

  • Players may now make Incense sticks out of any logs, this requires 2 logs of the same type, an X Firemaking level and will grant Firemaking EXP in the process;
  • The Incense sticks may then be coated in impious, accursed or infernal ashes with an X Firemaking level and granting Firemaking EXP in the process;
  • The coated incense sticks may then be combined with a clean herb with an X Firemaking level and granting even more Firemaking EXP;
  • The finished incense sticks may be lit for a special passive effect. Each stick lasts 10 minutes, the timer for each effect can be stacked up to 60 minutes at once;
  • There's a limit to how many effects the player can have at the same time based on their Firemaking level (up to 3 at level 95);
  • On RuneScape 3, each effect can go up in potency level for up to level 4, I've skipped this mechanic due to our effects limitation;
  • Guam: provides a 10% chance to get an additional log while woodcutting regular trees;
  • Tarromin: provides a 25% chance to receive ashes when doing bonfires/lighting fires;
  • Marrentill: reduces poison damage by 12.5%;
  • Harralander: increases run energy replenishment rate by 50% while resting;
  • Ranarr: provides an invisible +1 Prayer bonus;
  • Spirit weed: provides 10% increased familiar special attack recovery rate;
  • Irit: reduces poison damage by 25%;
  • Kwuarm: provides +2.5% boost to weapon poison damage;
  • Snapdragon: restores stats 50% faster;
  • Cadantine: provides a 2.5% chance to not exhaust a resource;
  • Lantadyme: increases all potion timers by 1 minute;
  • Dwarf weed: provides a 2% chance to bank gathered items;
  • Torstol: provides a 1% increase to base XP gain;
  • Fellstalk: provides a +1% spawn chance to elite NPCs;
  • All other effects have been skipped due to them serving no actual purpose on an RSPS. I believe most of the ones I added will never get used either way, but we'll wait and see - perhaps Jagex re-works them or gives them better values;
  • To learn more about incense sticks, check out the Wikipedia here: Incense sticks.


  • Updated the Cache revision from 903 to 904 - RS3 update: Firemaking Week & PvM Revitalisation;
  • Vorago's rare drops have been moved from rare to the very rare drop table;
  • Choosing the 'Craft' option on any log will now bring up an options dialogue with what to do with the log - firemaking, fletching, bonfire or incense sticks;
  • All blood necklaces are now create-able and have their active healing effect;
  • Soulgazer charm drops (Baby Soulgazer pet unlock item) will no longer drop if the player owns the item or the pet, and will now announce as a pet drop in the world feed;
  • Item right-click 'Buy-X' option in Shops will now display the enter amount screen instead of buying as much as you can;
  • Completely removed the Dramen tree from the Donator zone;
  • Added Menaphos's Acadia trees to the Woodcutting teleports interface. Acadia logs can now be made into arrow shafts and used in Firemaking;
  • Both Dragon trinkets can now once again one-shot most dragons with a 5% base chance per hit if the NPC has above 80% hitpoints;
  • Added Gnome & Tortoise NPC spawns at the Khazard Battlefield;
  • Opening the Meilyr Potion recipe shop will now display a chat-box message saying how many recipes you have unlocked and how many are there in total (Dungeoneering & Regular);
  • Flying type NPC's may now be killed with Magic as well.


  • Fixed an issue that caused off-hand weapons to have a slightly higher combat delay than they should have been;
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't let players sell items that are classed as degrade-able's to the General store;
  • Fixed an issue with porters where they wouldn't properly get removed on depletion;
  • Signs of the Porter will no longer count as daily divine locations;
  • Fixed an issue where special handled NPC deaths would not count to your total kills;
  • You can now train Cooking on the Prifddinas balcony Bonfire;
  • Home Thieving stalls will no longer give any coins if you're under the required Thieving level;
  • Fixed Hill giant, Moss giant and Fire giant drop tables;
  • Fixed an issue with the Well of Good Will hiscores not properly updating;
  • Replaced the 2 hill giant spawns in deep wilderness dungeon with 6 fire giant spawns (Wilderness Slayer);
  • Mining will no longer drop the ore if your inventory was too full to add the ore. This fixes an issue where mining with stone spirits while having 1 free inventory slot would endlessly mine and drop ore until out of spirits;
  • Checking charges remaining on an amulet of souls (or) will no longer split it from the kit;
  • Fixed lucky dragon 2h sword's special attack;
  • Combining a magebane potion with red moss will now make the normal artisan's potion instead of the weak one;
  • Fixed Summoning Minotaur combat animations and bonuses;
  • Catching Kebbits at the Falconry will no longer force-walk the player in 'melee-distance', you'll be able to do it from afar (as long as the path does not collide with an object);
  • Fixed an issue where burying wolf bones would not grant any Prayer EXP.


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beautiful stuff man, keep up the good work :)!



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Nice :) appreciate u <3



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Flame on  :firemaking:  :firemaking:  :firemaking:  :firemaking:



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Looks like an interesting update with the new sticks, great way to use herbs more besides potions and incense burners, going to try this out when I have the time.