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Update Log #65 - Couple Changes

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Nothing fancy this time as there hasn't really been anything interesting in the latest RS3 updates (8 consecutive weeks of bug fixes on their end), but wanted to keep y'all posted regardless. Still waiting on Weapon Diversity update.. :)


  • Updated cache to v908 (RS3 update from 09/02/2019);
  • Added Divination and Invention to the skills tab. This will only serve to display your level and EXP (Invention needs more work since it has its own unique EXP threshold for levels and I do not currently have the tools to do so);
  • Updated client to support the new skills;
  • Added a "Home Teleport" button right under the mini-map for easier access;
  • Populated the Lodestone Network interface with all new destinations (except Anachronia (the new buttons need the same type of cache editing as the new skills do, so they're a little bit scuffed BUT serve their purpose as intended);
  • Moved the 'Sheathe weapon' button to the 'Combat Styles' tab (same as in RS3 legacy mode);
  • Players may now enter the Lumbridge cellar. Populated it with item spawns, and made all objects interactable;
  • Killing a player in the wilderness will now also make them drop their bones;
  • Skilling Dummies may now be auto-deployed. Also increased the EXP received when the final action hits;
  • Added a new command '::extraskills' to toggle Divination and Invention skills in the skills tab;
  • Updated sheep shearing so sheep will now revert back to their original form after some time, will no longer face the player, no longer is spam-clickable and corrected delays;
  • Updated Burthorpe with the recent RS3 changes with all new NPC spawns, caves (and their NPC spawns) and object functionalities;
  • Dumped all newest item & NPC examines, as well as all missing NPC drop-tables.


  • Alching will no longer interrupt players path-walking;
  • Interacting with an NPC that is located behind an object (ie. banker behind a bank booth) will now properly path-walk as close to the NPC as possible before continuing with the selected interaction (this only applies to a few selected NPC's);
  • Hand cannoneer dwarves will now drop hand cannon shots in much bigger quantities.

OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel

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Ah tnx for the handcannon shot fix. Don't know when Ill screw around with it, but I'm sure I will XD
Trying to get muddy keys stacked.