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Update Log #66 - UI Changes, New Interfaces, Boss Collection Log & More..

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Teleportation Menu

  • Added a new custom interface that'll store ALL custom teleports and is accessible from the "H" button near mini-map;
  • Teleporting will now cost a small fee of coins (depending on the destination);
  • Destinations can be 'favorited' for ease of access and will display on the right side of the interface;
  • There's also a search function that'll allow you to search for destinations. You may also search for things like "copper rock" or "Moss giant" and if any of the destinations has the object/NPC in their "Points of Interest" - they'll be shown as well;
  • Removed the "Notes tab" teleport interface and replaced it with the actual Notes interface;
  • Removed the "Skills tab" custom dialogue options.


  • Added a filter-able chat-box message when you've stopped/finished Smelting bars;
  • Smelting Bane bars at level 81 Smithing or higher will now proc the extra bar chance.


  • Updated cache to latest version from RS3's update 24th September, 2019;
  • Very rare items received from Crystal Triskelions will now get announced globally;
  • GWD1 Boss minions will now drop all 3 Godsword shards;
  • A chat-box message will now appear saying that the Seren spirit has disappeared when you've ignored it for too long;
  • Added a dialogue message saying that you won't be able to receive any more Stardust while mining a Crashed star if you already have a total of 200;
  • Added a custom boss collection log interface that'll show every unique item drop from every in-game boss. The interface can also be used to quick-chat the progress of a specific boss item drops you've received so far, and to set a loyalty title specific to that boss IF you've collected all unique item drops;
  • Added Wizard Rinsit's Runespan point shop, made all rewards functional and added the redirect portal function;
  • Added Training Dummies, they'll display your max hits AFTER all calculations have been done. For example, activating the special attack will display the max hit with special attack etc.;
  • Added the 'Disassemble' "spell" to all 3 Magic spell-books (last 'spell'). Players will now be able to disassemble their items on the go;
  • Updated the Wilderness Bandit Camp. Added lots of new guards, guards will now be aggressive towards players with no PK skull and added Fishing spots;
  • Hardcore Ironmen will now lose their status and revert back to regular Ironmen on ANY death (except safe mini-games)! Also increased their drop-rate bonus from +5% to +7.5%;
  • Lots of miscellaneous Interface and Interface Component style changes;
  • You may now attach hoods to your distinction capes (Max/Completionist's);
  • Added an Invention table at the Donator zone.


  • The entrance to the Heart of Gielinor will no longer have to be double-clicked if far away, you'll now get properly path-walked as close to it as possible before entering;
  • All Farming tree roots can now be added to the Compost bin to make Supercompost;
  • Rainbow halo & Sacred Clay (Stealing Creation) rewards will no longer be trade-able;
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Charming Moth's location to be partially safe from the Wilderness Area Controller;
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 'Living on the Edge' achievement not to trigger properly.


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All of this looks so good. Job well done Sand :D

OFFLINE   Dynasty


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HUGE update, Amazing work like per usual.



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Hardcore has just gotten a whole host more interesting...

RIP my status ;) 

OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel

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Ayyy :D