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Update Log #67 - New & Re-Designed Interfaces, New Systems, Miscellaneous tweaks & Bug Fixes

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Client Update

  • It is now MANDATORY to re-download the new client (if you're not using the Launcher, in which case it'll update on it's own) otherwise you will not be able to connect!
  • Read below for more information.

Grand Exchange

  • Added a brand new interface for viewing Grand Exchange player listings;
  • Able to switch between buy/sell sections;
  • Search for recent offers based on an item name;
  • Sort all original/found offers by their price (ascending/descending);
  • Quickly put any listing into one of your own grand exchange slots;
  • Conveniently switch between the actual grand exchange interface and the player listing's one;
  • Added a button on top of the Grand Exchange's interface to switch to the Player Listing's one.

Diango's Item Retrieval

  • Added a brand new interface for Diango's Item Retrieval;
  • Able to store up to 504 items (previously 150);
  • View them clearly, no more 'hogged' up item models;
  • Ability to search for items;
  • Items can now be deposited directly from player's inventories.
  • Added a 'Diango's Item Retrieval' button to the Bank interface. You'll be able to swap between these 2 interfaces IF you've previously opened Diango's straight from your bank interface.

Pet Storage

  • Added a brand new interface for the Pet Storage system;
  • Aable to view ALL possible pets and filter to only show owned ones;
  • Most pets also have a small description text on how to unlock them.


  • Updated cache revision from 908 to 909 (RS3 update 30th September) with a small client update to support this revision;
  • Slightly increased the chance for the rare drop table to upgrade to the next tiers;
  • Subjugation equipment will now protect against the Zamorak's faction in the Godwars Dungeon;
  • Removed the Death's office teleport restrictions, you'll now be able to teleport away freely by any method. The minimap will now also be blacked out while inside the area;
  • Added Death's hourglass object to the Slayer Master area in order to quickly teleport to Death's office;
  • Completely removed Elf Hermit as she's no longer required for players to teleport to Prifddinas;
  • Added The Magister in-game boss hiscores accessible via the signpost next to his entrance as well as a world announcement every 50th total kill;
  • Added new teleport destinations: All 6 Legion Bosses, East Taverley (Summoning), Rimmington (Construction House), Runespan (Minigames);
  • Re-added and corrected all custom teleports that are accessible from Invention Skilling outfit gear;
  • New players will now have to obtain a total level of at least 100 before trading other players.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Death's Office not to be fully operational when entering from Draynor Village's hourglass;
  • Removed the 'Corrupted Signet I' item from The Legiones collection log since all pets were in there already as physical items not unlocks;
  • Fixed the 'King Black Dragon' pet in the 'Queen Black Dragon's collection log;
  • Getting World announcements that go onto the Velheim's website's main-page (activity feed) will no longer 'freeze' your character for a few seconds. The database connection will now run asynchronously;
  • Corrected Mandrith's Slayer assignment table (removed dark beasts, black dragons, and added hellhounds);
  • Pressing on the Divination & Invention skills in the Skills tab will no longer cause the player to crash;
  • Legendary pets will no longer pick-up other player items if the pet's owner is an ironman or unable to trade;
  • Mud Runes can now be stored inside Large Rune pouches;
  • The Hazelmere's Signet ring will now properly teleport the player to Hazelmere himself rather than the Tree Gnome Stronghold;
  • Protection Prayers will now correctly block all incoming damage BEFORE applying the trimmed masterwork bleed effect;
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Edimmu's Resource Dungeon guard not to let you pass through the barrier on certain conditions.


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  • Onyx
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nice work zVMZiSQ.png Sandstorm keep up the good work   ;)

Edited by Angel, 02 October 2019 - 12:22 AM.

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OFFLINE   Dynasty


    Anime King👑

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Another gorgeous update  Sandstorm   :)  

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  • Rubies
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Another very well made update, fantastic work sand :)
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OFFLINE   jesbro



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A Great Update as always :)

Another Great Update as always Sand :)

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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel


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Thank you sanddaddy  :wub:

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OFFLINE   Arcadiez



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Great work as always!! :D
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Ooh very nice yes :D

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OFFLINE   Run Escape

Run Escape


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very awesome, thank you for the time spent! <3 

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