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Update Log #69 - Game Perk Changes & New Interface, Cosmetic Overrides overhaul & Miscellaneous changes + Fixes

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ONLINE   Sandstorm



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  • Time Online: 74d 16h 43m 32s
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Minimap's 'flag' to render in an incorrect position;
  • Removed the 'Java Update Warning' message on client load-ups;
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the player to get instantly kicked out on login.
Cosmetic Overrides
  • Added a new custom interface for Cosmetic Overrides;
  • Completely scrapped everything cosmetic-override related and re-coded it based on the new interface;
  • Recoloring, keepsake item reclaiming, unlocking and claiming cosmetics will now be handled through the new interface;
  • Every cosmetic override will now be able to be previewed before purchasing it.
Game Perks
  • Rewrote the perk system from scratch. It will now be MUCH easier for me to add new ones, move and remove perks when needed without any substantial consequences;
  • Added a 'Perks' button to the Quest Tab. All your in-game perks can now be viewed from there;
  • Designed a new interface for viewing perks, it'll now be much easier to navigate through the menu;
  • Removed Solomon's scroll shop as players will be able to unlock and gift perks through the new interface (unused scrolls will still be claim-able);
  • Removed all perks from our ;;webstore page as they will now be handled through the interface;
  • New perk: 'Engineer'. Engineer is a Dwarf Multi-cannon perk which'll allow you to smith cannonballs twice as fast, have triple the amount stored in the dwarf multi-cannon, and the cannon will no longer 'decay';
  • New perk: 'Galileo'. Galileo has only 1 purpose and it is to slow down item degradation by 25% (does not apply to augmentation charges as that's a completely different mechanic);
  • Perk: 'Master Huntsman' price reduced to 500 Velheim coins;
  • Perk: 'Master Lumberjack' price increased to 500 Velheim coins;
  • Perk: 'Thaumaturgist' price reduced to 700 Velheim coins.
  • Removed Solomon's Legendary Pet shop as players will now be able to unlock Legendary pets straight from the Pet Storage interface. All Legendary pets will now cost 1,500 Velheim coins each;
  • The Dwarf Multicannon will now warn the player 5 minutes prior to it disappearing along with the regular 1 minute warning message;
  • Increased maximum bank size from 506 to 556 (which is the total maximum this interface can hold);
  • The 'Miscellaneous Shop' will now act as a general store.
  • Fixed an issue at the Donator zone that wouldn't allow players to path-route to an object behind the bank booths;
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Crystal key halves to be assembled with having just one part (updated an old item check method, applies for some other item instances as well);
  • Unlocking Boss pets via their items will now automatically register it in the Boss collection log;
  • Bonecrusher will no longer crush non-existent bones that were picked up by dragon trinkets;
  • Skill level/EXP targets will now save on re-log;
  • Fixed a couple issues with the new Market area NPC's;
  • The Wise Old Man can now be interacted through the Market's barriers.



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OFFLINE   Dynasty


    Anime King👑

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  • Time Online: 31d 2h 50m 30s

The more interfaces you make the better they get, This is so pristine. Great work

OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel

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  • Time Online: 8d 9h 54m 31s

Yeah new interfaces are OP. 

Lovin the update, and thank you for the new Engineering perk :D! We've been asking for something similar for awhile, but then you went ahead and tacked both features into the same perk. Perfect.



    White Poster

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  • Time Online: 15d 16h 1m 43s

These new interfaces look smooth af, Good job bro :D



    White Poster

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  • Time Online: 2d 11h 12m 16s
Great update well done man

OFFLINE   Furball


    Bronze Poster

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  • Time Online: 2d 7h 30m
Lovin' it! Thanks, Sand :D