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Update Log #73 - Miscellaneous game improvements

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OFFLINE   Sandstorm



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Nothing much this time, just various improvements. Been busy with real life stuff.



Bank Presets

  • Completely re-wrote how bank presets were handled. Optimized the code by A LOT;
  • Inventory load-outs will now respect every item's inventory slot when saving. (ie. you may load a preset that has all slots empty with a shark in the last slot);
  • Runecrafting pouches will now get auto-filled with pure essence if your inventory preset contains them and your bank contains pure essence;
  • You may now save & load items inside your Beasts of Burden storage;
  • Sadly, all old saved presets have been deleted with this update.


  • While cooking, the action progress overlay will now properly update if the item got burnt;
  • Item combinations that use the 'Cooking' skill will now display the action progress overlay;
  • Those item combinations will now also fill up Urn's if the combination gives Cooking EXP;
  • Updated the Cooking burn formula.


  • The NPC drop-tables interface will now display your exact item drop percentage for that specific NPC rather than the global values;
  • Increased Classic game-mode drop-rate modifier from +5% to +10%.


  • Increased base Slayer point rewards for all Slayer masters;
  • Getting a task from a different Slayer Master will now properly change your current Master to the new one;
  • Slayer VIP tickets will no longer roll on the same Slayer task as the main assignment;
  • Kuradal will now allow you to enter her dungeon if you've been assigned by Laniakea. Cannons can no longer be brought inside;
  • Added combat animations for Ghouls, and increased their spawn amount at the Slayer Tower's graveyard;
  • Added combat animations for Shades, added their drop-table and their combat bonuses.


  • Added even more possible Node spawn locations;
  • Nodes will no longer 'deplete', but rather move locations every so often. This guarantees that there will almost always be a node on every possible node tile location;
  • The bone ladder/vine ladder taking to the third/second level of Runespan will now require at least level 66/33 Runecrafting to use.


  • You'll now be able to chop 'trees' with a full inventory if the tree doesn't yield any resources (ie. Ivy, Fruit trees);
  • The Furnace Invention perk will no longer trigger while Woodcutting 'trees' that don't output items (ie. Ivy);
  • Inferno adze will no longer be used as the best hatchet if you do not have it in your inventory/equipped.


  • Making tree saplings will now be an automatic action (plant pot + watering can + (fruit) tree seed);
  • The action progress overlay will no longer display if the player's in fixed screen mode. The screen area is already as small as it is, no need to clog it up more. I might add a toggle for the overlay if players want to enable/disable it on demand;
  • Increased all skilling dummy EXP rewards by 300%;
  • Started on the Thieve's guild. You may now enter, access 'Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals' store and pick-locks on the cell doors and practice chests in the eastern area. Also added this location to the Thieving skill teleports sub-menu;
  • Boss pet drops will now always send a loot-beam;
  • Melee off-hands will now deal 50% of your main hand's damage, while other style off-hands will only deal 33% (original value);
  • Removed all unused triple EXP buff's;
  • Started on the Spring cleaner interface and functionality. It is not  yet available to receive in-game, but will be enabled when it's fully done and tested. The item should honestly deserve its own update log, so much functionality and so much code to write for it.


  • Changed the 'Pollniveach Slayer dungeon' destination to 'Smoke Dungeon' and updated its destination information;
  • Added a couple missing urn send-off animations;
  • The Guthixian cache will no longer reward players with diviner's headwear if the player has a modified version of it. Also increased the chance at which outfit pieces are be given;
  • Added combat animations and definitions to the Skeletal Trio boss in Dungeoneering;
  • Added combat animations to various Ardougne NPC's;
  • All Spotlight shops at each mini-game location should now be fully functional;
  • 'Kortan' in East-Ardougne will now properly open up the 'Aemad's Adventuring Supplies' store;
  • Fixed a slight issue with the Death event controller.



 - Media -







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OFFLINE   Herpeas



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  • Time Online: 4d 4h 23m 18s

Great update as always :). Glad to see mode nodes will be spawning in runespan 

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OFFLINE   Bloodiesharpie


    Who's ready for a TEA PARTY!

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  • Time Online: 1d 23h 39m 53s

awesome work, we're very appreciative 

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OFFLINE   Winter Revel

Winter Revel


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  • Time Online: 7d 11h 22m 6s

Beautiful Sand.

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  • Time Online: 6d 22h 26m 9s

Nutty update :D <3 

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OFFLINE   TheDarkTurm



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  • Time Online: 7d 2h 59m 13s

Great update Sand, amazing what you can do with JAVA and coffee! :D 

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OFFLINE   Arcadiez



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Good job as always! :D

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