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  1. way better than clicking small things ingame
  2. is it worth to prestige on classic?
  3. Dd0s

    The Gaint Mole

    i hate mole lmao
  4. pm me ingame for offers
  5. Buying virtus robe top
  6. something like 1/10000 (as example)
  7. is there a drop rate exactly number for luck of the dwarves and hsr?
  8. Dd0s


    I mean, yesterday telos defence were high af
  9. Dd0s


    Does telos statuses changes every day?
  10. Pm me ingame if interested in making an offer
  11. Don't you guys think fonts at p4 are a bit weird? they're flutuating and this makes us missclick and walk outside by visual glitch
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