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  2. I think this proposal is very decent and "needed" (if possible ofc). From me is a +1 as well! Cheers<3
  3. Seems logical to match all of those skills and tools, would make the game play a bit smoother.
  4. Or a change instead that you can still buy souls but only with prestige points? Maybe 1 soul = 1 prestige point? (or 10 if you find 1 prestige point too low)
  5. Yesterday
  6. Yeah that whould be really nice for presige
  7. This might just go in the trash, but i'd like to give it a go. Woodcutting as we all know it is wonderful considering if you already have a higher tiered WC hatchet in your toolbelt, then it will automatically use whatever tier your wc level accepts. So if one owns a crystal hatchet, then after prestige it will use bronze, and if you got 6 wc then it will use black hatchet and so on without the need to make a new one up until you reach level req for the toolbelted one. Mining and archaeology however, requires you to actually have the lower tier one even tho you own for example earth and song or time and space. alternatively elder rune. If possible i think it would be a very nice QoL update to implements the WC tool code onto mining and archaology. Thoughts on this?
  8. +1 that would make it interesting to play, definetly agree on this one.
  9. Thank you for all your hard work bro. Super cool to see this boss enter the game.
  10. Last week
  11. Good day everyone, As we all know, Runescape offers a variety of games modes, from UIM wanting to smash your head on a wall for bank spaces, GIM for smooth and small eco, Irons for lone wolfs, and there's hardcore, living on the edge or risking your entire leaderboard with a missclick or a dc. Hardcore Iron Man is always a game mode that has been a thing I wanted to create, i've found a middle ground by having one GIM HC on osrs, although, i'd want one here as a solo player. There's a big issue on HC on Velheim that de-value the "HC" statue. As you know, on rs3 or osrs, there's no chill, you die from a disconnection, dc and bugs, you loose a life, regardless. You have 3 life and thats all. 1-SOULS from BCT Souls make hc "safe" which is a crazy to me, because the whole point is being HCIM is to live you life with a risk. Also, the issue is you can buy 2.5 souls every 1h. That means you can die, 2 times "safe" and tele out full hp to wait on another bct and get more Souls. Solution; remove completely souls from the shop. 2-Refund of life The only way a life should be refunded would be due to server dcs not personal dcs. That would revamp the hc and giving it the hype and risk of the game mode it self, making it a better risk and thrill of competing amongst other insane players that isnt scared. This has been discussed with other HCIM's before bringing this up.
  12. Thank you for one more big update Sand! KERAPAC TIME BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Cheers<3
  13. Can't wait to make a video about me falling even more behind haha Great job on the update tho!
  14. Very big update 😋 massive thanks for everything you have done
  15. Hello! It's been a while since our last bigger update, and I apologize. Had to take a forced break for things and stuff (if you're interested in why, I made a separate post explaining: here) The log itself might seem small, but it was quite the task to add Kerapac in; I hope you enjoy this one! Nodon Front Added all Nodon NPC's in the Nodon Front in the God Wars Dungeon 3 leading up to the Kerapac's gate. These NPC's can be assigned as a Slayer Task and killed after level 92 Slayer; Added the full Kerapac boss fight with normal and hard modes. Up to 3 players can fight Kerapac at once; Up to 3 drops will be dropped each fight, them going to the most damaging player (all 3 drops in solo's, 2+1 for most damaging player in duos, and 1 drop each in trios); New item: Fractured staff of Armadyl. This staff can be made from 3 parts of the staff dropped from Kerapac hard-mode encounters. The assembled staff can be augmented, dyed, and repaired as with all other degrade-able items. Special attack: Instability; 50% special attack cost, 60 second cool-down; For 30 seconds, whenever the player inflicts a magic critical hit on their primary target, they will also fire a time strike, dealing 60%-120% damage and landing 1 game tick after the source hit. While this special is active you'll also receive +10% critical strike chance for Magic hits; New item: Scripture of Jas (and Manuscripts of Jas (pages)). The Scripture can be equipped in the pocket slot, activated/deactivated as any other pocket slot item, and charged with Jas pages. Effect: Time rift : On damaging attacks: 33.3% chance to cause a Time Rift. For 15 seconds, all damage from your attacks while the Time Rift is active gets stored. Once the Time Rift closes, 20% of the total damage is applied to your opponent. 15 second cooldown; New boss pet: Kerry; unlocked via Kerapac's Mask Piece item; New item: Kerapac's Wrist Wraps. New T85 Magic gloves with a passive effect of increasing your Magic accuracy by 5%. These gloves can be enhanced to T90 that increases their passive accuracy buff to 10% by combining them with Glacor remnants and a Leng artefact; Kerapac can be killed for Nodon Front Slayer tasks and assigned as a Reaper Task by Death; Added Kerapac's: War's Retreat/Prifddinas boss portals, Boss Hiscores entry at the Wars Retreat, Collection Log entry; Miscellaneous Streamlined Solak's rare drops so that most of the rare item drops are more inline in terms of RNG. In theory it should now be easier to receive a Blightbound crossbow drop amongst the other rare items (though it will still rely on the random number generator); Fixes Max Cape color customization interface will no longer interfere with Cosmetic color customization; There were some other small bugs I fixed not worth mentioning here, and things I simply forgot to note 😧 - Media
  16. I agree as well, reapers portal is very good QOL. Been requested on the past, but never enough to keep it reminded! Cheers<3
  17. I don't think that is good for the community, it would be very P2W. I don't think Sand wants it to be that way on some activivities. Cheers<3
  18. Welcome to our community! Hope you enjoy your stay (after 1y :kekw:) Cheers<3
  19. Hi! I would like to suggest making the Auto-screener storable somehow. could be in any below forms. Invention machine approved. Retrievable at diango if lost/destroyed. Toolbeltable, Pocket-slot viable. Reason being it's basically a very pesky to get herbicide/seedicide/charming imp/bonecrusher, but for archaeology. Having to decide between making it for 50k chronotes and going on an seemingly endless arch grind, permanently call 1 inventory slot home to it, or just skip it and live with arch dust in the inventory is pest or cholera. Please send any feedback and thoughts
  20. Hey there, I'm R4ng3d ftw4, just a 24-year-old living life in Sweden with my lovely wife and our adorable 2-year-old baby boy. Main hobbies would likely be gaming, bowling or shooting pool with my wife, she's pretty much my best friend and we do literally everything with eachother, which now when i think about it feels like a lie. Because she obviously doesn't play Velheim with me sadly... She's on the playstation 5 smashing people on battlefront <,< Regarding work, im currently unemployed due to some unjust events recently that led to my imprisonment. Recently just got released and could come home to my family and resume life, which is my wife, our baby boy and of course the precious Velheim. Just filing it in here, if anybody is curious about the jail thing, we had waterproof alibi with GPS, video and everything, but they somehow sentenced me anyways even in high court. So my family and all that is still all good and no worries considering they know how dumb the whole thing was. So currently i got tons of spare time which i load between gaming and family, family would be baking and making food and going on picknicks. Gaming would be Velheim on nr1, then there would be Minecraft modded with enigmatica, Starfield, fallensword and heroes of might and magic 3. Just send me a pm on discord or reply here in the thread if you're interested in anything or want to play something, as said, im free alot 😛
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