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  2. Mac book users should worship you by now. Also kind of nice to see some Clan stuff being done, we clanning now!
  3. Thanks for the updates!!! Would love to see more SoF promos in the future
  4. Was actually sweating IRL when I cracked it, was so happy.
  5. I wouldn't mind this, but 5 options on an npc might seem like to many. It still have my support anyway due to functionality +1 If this can't happen, It'd also be nice if you remove the first dialogue saying 'what do you want' on slayer masters so you can instantly press 5 to teleport.
  6. The grave got me F for the old well, thanks for the updates as always and showing them mac users love ._.
  7. Today
  8. Awesome, awesome. Good stuffs, well done!
  9. IGN: Kim F3: Post Addict IS2: Earth and Song D1: Nitro Booster D3: Verified Discord Account ------------------------
  10. Support. Just because there is an already existing system to tele doesn't make this a bad thing to update. And it would be a general QOL update. The purpose was to make the process easier, which it does. Adding onto that, it could also help reduce the questions in FC of "How do I get to 'x' for my slayer task?" When they see it as a right click option to just tele there.
  11. Clans Corrected the clan forum thread ID's, they can now be set and clicked on to correctly browse the clan's forum topic (if any); You can now place down Clan Vexillum's in most areas. The Vexillums can be clicked on to view the Clan's details. Only one can be placed down at any time, they will disappear if removed, or, if the player who placed it down logs out; The Keywords option has been added. It can be used to enter clan keywords, ie. 'PVP, PVM, Best clan 2021, Events' etc.; Dungeoneering Fixed un-attack-able NPC's (over ledges, barriers, etc); Fi
  12. I was wondering if there is anyway to add the Green/Grey/Onyx skins to the Makeover Mage? Maybe even add the skins into Trivia/Vote Shops, or donating? Maybe other ways aswell, I would really love to see those ingame.
  13. I like the idea. Why not? Makes it easier to utilize a game perk, or makes it faster to chuck a few hunnid K. Support.
  14. I do wish it upon everyone NO CHANGE. NO SUPPORT. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  15. Ahoy


    In that case msg me so I can join back, ill bring over my buddy too.
  16. I would like to see a rune shop where im's can get into with runes aswell, but obviously not a very big amount of runes, but that you might have to pay for a bit more, or even make the unstable essence at the runespan shops give runes aswell from using.
  17. It's a nice idea, but I don't see the need either, tp'ing to slayer masters, and then talking to them holding spacebar is quick enough.
  18. Good stuff mate, looks pretty similar to my own setup! Love the addition of the juju teleport bag. Hadn't thought of that myself
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