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  2. I just wanted to see a few more vote book options. Few ideas below 1 x Vote Book = 50 Junk 1 x Vote Book = 50 Chimes Junk is terrible to grind, once you've maxed out Invention/prestige.
  3. Unfortunately I’ll miss this one, have fun everyone and grind for me. Excited to be back March or April.
  4. Always a good fucking time 3x huh, see you guys there 😜 Cheers<3
  5. im going on vacation 16-21 :c but enjoy guys ill try to take finish 22-26
  6. BAM BOOM, guess my chores can wait on saturday.
  7. Triple XP LIVE will return from February the 16th up until February the 26th (excluded)! For those of you who're new to Triple XP LIVE, it's very simple: across the 10 days of the event, you'll have 48 hours of Triple XP time to spend. To get stuck in, simply log in at any time during the event. As soon as you're in-game, your XP timer will start ticking, and will stop the moment you log out. By giving you the flexibility to use your XP time as you wish, there's no need to worry about pulling an all-nighter or compromising any of your plans. Take your time, relax and enjoy those lovely skill gains! You will also be able to toggle your Triple EXP buff with a ';;toggletriple' command! It has an hour cool-down between switches, so use it wisely. Squeal of Fortune promotions will also be happening throughout the 10 days!
  8. Give the rune shops some love, currently you will not get even an hours worth of pvming doing a rune shop run. There's some possibilites to how to implement this: 1. Just flat out boost all shops, maybe even increase price too, as this will probably only affect ironman gamemodes, so it's costly but will get you back into whatever content you're maging. 2. Make a custom rune shop @ home, dz or ddz that sells an increased amount of runes per day. 3. Custom shop, which increases stock based on account progression ie. comp reqs done, total lv etc 4. Add 5k blood/water barrage casts to store for 1-2$ ea (yes, im desperate for runes)
  9. Earlier
  10. RSPS began some time between 2004-2005 with people creating very basic single player server just to learn about the protocol, in order to create bots for actual runescape, the idea of public commercial server for people to play did not come till later. The first server was released to the public in 2005/06 and was called WinterLove (wL on the picture) which let people get a taste of how the protocol worked, afterwards multi player support was added and servers started to branch out under different names with new features.
  11. IGN: Entity IM11: Prestige Master 50
  12. Perhaps reworking the battle pass to give you a token to redeem any cosmetic in the cosmetic shop. Maybe keep it somewhat how we have it now but towards the Last step you get 1+1 tokens to spend on any cosmetic you would like. so, like you can still unlock free costumes planned for each month, but you get one or two tokens to get what you really want >:). I feel like this would further incentivize players to push towards the end rewards each tier or upgrading. 1 free token at the end of each battle pass reward would be ideal. (one free one paid)
  13. as soon as i started playing I always wanted to be able to just teleport to the tasks via the slayer master dialog. (unrelated) - slayers masks from SOF that force a slayer task once per day would be nice >:) looking at you airuts slayer mask.
  14. If possible to code a new extra setting where we can chose to skip the dialogue when teleporting to slayer tasks, so we instantly teleport to it when you ask the master via slayer gem/helmet. Talking about the dialogue "Something something.. Are you sure you want me to do this for you"? "1. Yes 2. No"
  15. Thank you everyone that contributed somehow for the server! Hope to see you all next month or some new faces as well 😝 Cheers<3
  16. Top Voters: @Longshot with 329 votes, @Scotch with 327 votes, @Lightalinea with 319 votes, @exalted with 303 votes, and @Ezzy with 297 votes. With a total of: 17,451 votes! Each of them will receive a Christmas Cracker in-game, congratulations and thank you! Top Donors: @Toe, @Drizzy, @Dirty David, @so classic, and @Forgivendays. We will keep repeating this every month - we are forever grateful to everyone who has supported Velheim this month, and for the months to come whether it be monitary, by voting, or just by being here and supporting what my Staff Team and I do. Without you, the players, we wouldn't be where we are today, we wouldn't be have gotten this far. It's thanks to you that I can invest into advertisements, pay off the servers' expenses, and put those contributions straight back into the server. So again, a HUGE thank you - to everyone. Sincerely, ~The Staff Team
  17. Added statistics to the main thread! Sorry for the wait. Server Data & Statistics
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