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  2. @Diogo Moder -> Moderator Congratulations!
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  5. Little late but still, Thank you everyone that contributed somehow to the server! Appreciate it! Cheers<3
  6. I agree that they should be usable on other players however I don't know how I feel about ironman, as that is mainly a single player game mode
  7. In my opinion, we do not need more titles for gamemodes. We need more titles overrall, every title should be available for purchase or to unlock via playing the game, such as Lazy, etc etc. All those that are not available to purchase on 'Loyalty titles' section. Cheers<3
  8. 80% of my LP is spent on codexes for new players... however, it hurts to see new ironmen players forced to earn the LP on their own. I know it's not a big deal, a couple days AFK and you've got all the codexes, but I would REALLY like to be able to use the Ancient/Cursed/Lunar codexes on ironmen players, similar to the way we can use bonds/cosmetic tokens on ironmen players to gift them the bond/unlock. tl;dr make "use codex on player" work for LP ability unlocks in the same way cosmetic tokens/bonds work
  9. Top Voters: @Jeremytzk - with 435 votes, @Lightalinea - with 434 votes, Bobo 4 Ever - with 413 votes, Callmescoob - with 388 votes, @exalted - with 376 votes. With a total of: 19,210 votes! Each of them will receive a Christmas Cracker in-game, congratulations and thank you! Top Donors: Cloud Strife @G13 @Hymn Floki01 @Crxs We will keep repeating this every month - we are forever grateful to everyone who has supported Velheim this month, and for the months to come whether it be monitary, by voting, or just by being here and supporting what my Staff Team and I do. Without you, the players, we wouldn't be where we are today, we wouldn't be have gotten this far. It's thanks to you that I can invest into advertisements, pay off the servers' expenses, and put those contributions straight back into the server. So again, a HUGE thank you - to everyone. Sincerely, ~The Staff Team.
  10. Would be nice to have a few extra free titles based on modes. IM name HCIM name UIM name GIM name Feel free to add some more for the others modes (I do not play them so..)
  11. Ohhh yeah Arch changes +1
  12. I think this would be a neat feature, +1 from me
  13. Not sure if this is possible, but I think it'd be great if we had some kind of droplist command in Discord, so we can see the drop tables of bosses, without the struggle of "right-click Examine." If the account is connected to Discord, it could also maybe use the DR%+ modifier to provide the correct drop-table percentages. tl;dr maybe a ;;droptable [bossname] command for Discord
  14. Archaeology Volcanic Ash can now be screened at the Archaeology Campus; Increased the Screening action speed by 1 tick; The Soil Box can now hold ALL types of ash, and will auto-adjust itself if I ever add a new one; Added a dedicated Material Storage interface; The Material storage can now hold up to 48 items (previously 40 at Guildmaster rank), and can now be 'configured' for left-click ease of access; Added all the new Orthen Materials and Artefacts to the Tetracompass and Supply Cache reward tables; The Beach Event The Beach is back! A dedicated event thread has been made here: The Beach Event Raksha, the Shadow Colossus Both Dark and Light animica stone spirits will now be dropped on the same roll; Increased drop quantities for: Adrenaline crystals, Sirenic scales and Soul runes; Magic Corrected the 'Lassar Teleport' spell tool-tip to display the 4 water rune requirement instead of 2 fire runes; Leaving the Wilderness by any means will now also remove the Teleport Block cast on you; Magic will now eat up your runes as intended; Miscellaneous You can now enter the Desert Mining Camp's cave to grab yourself some Quest Slave robes; Added the Light Creature pouch along with all interaction options and the 'Enlightenment' scroll effect; Fixes All Prayers/Curses will now correctly visually 'de-light' when you run out of Prayer Points; Corrected Ectoplasmator Prayer EXP values given and sorted some incorrect mechanics; The Zaros Godsword special attack will now properly deal damage to other players in PvP scenarios; Corrected Aviansie NPC item drop quantities; Player-owned Farm animals will now properly process their Food trough's only once an hour; Opening the Crystal Chest with a full inventory will now drop the extra item on the ground under you; Super Anti-poison potions will now last for 6 minutes instead of 5; Corrected an issue with Prayer bonus effect when calculating the final drain amount; Added item hover descriptions for Tagga's corehammer and Sana's Fyrtorch, also made it so that the arrow tips are given alongside regular resources; Zaida can once again exchange your Clue Scroll's for easier versions; You no longer have to do a flawless TzKal-Zuk challenge to receive the Igneous Stone, you'll now receive the stone after defeating Zuk without leaving the instance.
  15. The Beach From June 26th to July 31st, you’ll be in for some summer fun down at the Lumbridge Crater. Activities There’s all sorts of seasonal activities to take part in, including beach ball rolling, sandcastle building, a coconut shy and a big ol’ BBQ! A little seagull has told us that everyone’s favourite dank chasm, the Dungeoneering hole, will also be making an appearance. Every 15 minutes, a different activity will be spotlighted. If you join in during the spotlight, you’ll get an extra 10% XP! You’ll also find portals to all the most exciting Distractions and Diversions, alongside two new ones for Anachronia and the Archaeology dig sites. Temperature Remember to keep an eye on your temperature gauge while you’re splashing about! Once you’ve gained a certain amount of experience from the activities, you’ll start to suffer from heat exhaustion. You’ll need to eat an ice cream and cool off before you can start playing again. At the weekend, the temperature will skyrocket, causing a heatwave that’ll last from noon on Friday all the way until noon on Monday. During a heatwave, you’ll be able to keep skilling even when your temperature gauge is full! Look out for Happy Hour, too, when you’ll get more XP, no temperature increases and a better chance to get those coveted drops for an entire in-game hour! Rewards Here comes the best part: while you’re having fun in the sun, you’ll also be earning some exclusive rewards! This year you can get crabby with a bodacious, crustaceous costume. Or if that’s not your style, we’ve reeled in a hefty catch of weapon overrides, including the classic Leveler wand and Bucket orb, the classy Caller of the Sea trident, and the downright threatening Shark Bait spear. What would a trip to The Beach be without a bit of sandsurfing? This year, there are three new board designs for you to collect. Here’s one for all you budding BBQ’ers: three somewhat amusing aprons, perfect for entertaining your friends while you gather about the grill. Buying from Flo's Velheim Coin shop will also contribute towards your next donator rank! Skilling Drops After you’ve done a bit of skilling, you might get lucky enough to receive one of the many skilling rewards The Beach has to offer – including a refreshing range of cocktails! You might also stumble across a few oddments while you're training your skills. One man's flotsam is another man's jetsam, right? Right? All right. Sunnies at the ready? Flip flops a floppin’? Then what are you waiting for? Let’s head to The Beach! Source taken from: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/this-week-in-runescapeninja-strike-24---combat-bonanza--the-beach?allcat=false#game_news and https://velheim.com/community/index.php?/topic/3938-the-beach-event-2021/ Media
  16. Could we get the seed bag interface? Currently makes it hard to extract certain seeds without going through the whole bag.
  17. Ah yeah at the start we were adding in comments specifically for each one, since everything is manual. For some reason when adding a new award to a player, the format keeps the old description.. for some reason. Easy to miss
  18. https://youtu.be/1FkaUpOHNZA?si=h03dQwbnni_Zwy8c COAST CONTRA - Get the Worm From the album: Apt. 505 https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lxuxYQFEFs40GVr7cIezmEp7nyA3XKJ9M&si=t5AyhyseYK739uaM
  19. Yes. I love this server, and the customisability of gameplay via perks and the teleport menu. But I have no bank space. Ever. It's a struggle. It would be nice to be able to play the game with this option. I would spend quite a few bonds on permanent space, tbh.
  20. New dad who dis


  21. late to the party, did you say I could transform into a salamander? I'm in :)))
  22. Happy Father's Day! 🙂

  23. I do like the idea of the soups, would be nice
  24. Make sure to go show some love and enter the giveaway! ~Noobs Own
  25. Personally all suggestions wuould be great, sadly dinoarrows wouldnt be able, those high tier arrows would be a gp sink since most people use range - and most do high en pvm, also a good addition for this suggestions would be pernix quiver, would awesome ! i think most people who played/plays rs3 would agree with all these lol
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