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  1. This is the type of pvmer I'm talking about!!! great guide brother, let's make guide videos to help people even more
  2. Couldn't be better, thank you!
  3. Even though I think this is a great money sink to maintain the prices of gdw2 items, I believe that an improvement in the way of calculation would be great, it really is much more difficult to get a perfect perk here than in rs3, one of the suggestions would be to improve the rate for higher tiers, or perhaps to continue the money sink, somehow add more items to the perk, so that it reaches 100% attempt for the best perk that u're hunting for. great suggestion bro +1
  4. What a beast, LOVELY UPDATE, thank you so much
  5. I still have a lot to learn, the goal is to create much more elaborate guides, but I lack knowledge haha
  6. Thats a great and memorable update, even though I'm much more of a PVM fan (loved Raksha), the misc att and divination were sensational! as always, thanks for the great work sand
  7. Speed running fixes 10/10 Cmon RAKSHAAaaaaaa
  8. Holy crapppp, lesgoooooo Ngl, I'm suspicious of this, but I really like the events, not only because of the competition but because I have another chance to do things differently. "calling it a brainstorm" was the best way to describe this event, amazing Mode, and thank you all! ~~~ Bond
  9. Man, tysm for this space to who like to create videos, not just for fun, but to help early / mid gamers who just wanna know how to do some bosses, as aways, ty Tyrone and Sandstorm IGN: Moder https://www.youtube.com/@ModeRsps
  10. as normal, Tyrone doing a massive great job!!! its a +1 for me without doubt, and really, i would't change a single word on ur post, awesome Tyrone
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