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Sandstorm Mon at 23:58
Update Log #48 - Item bonuses & degradation, Squeal 'stuff and Miscellaneous improvements!


  • Fixed (and corrected) Saradomin brew stat boosting/draining effects;
  • When consuming food/healing potions, the heal hitmark will now correctly display the amount of hitpoints you've gained, and not display at all if you're at full health;
  • Consuming Hitpoints boosting potions/food will now immediately set your hitpoints to the maximum amount if you're full health;
  • It is no longer possible to decrease your stats to negative values, they'll be capped at 0.

Item repairing/degrading

  • Completely rewrote how player's item charges were handled. All items will now degrade at correct rates;
  • All degrade-ables and their repairing prices will now be read straight from the RS3 cache, meaning - everything will be exactly as in RuneScape 3;
  • Befor.........
Sandstorm Mon at 18:54
Triple XP & Double Drop Weekend - February 2019!

As RuneScape 3 is having a double XP event, everyone on Velheim will have the opportunity to enjoy a 200% XP boost AND a double drop weekend, from Friday 22nd February 12:00 Game Time to Monday 25th February 11:59 Game Time.


As before, the vast majority of skilling activities will be able to take advantage.

Double drops literally means - double everything (does not include interface-type rewards, ie. Araxxor, Barrows, etc.)! Mark it on your calendars!


Start prepping now to maximize your gains on the big weekend. Stock up on Mining ore, Summoning charms, or whatever you need to power through your skill (or skills!) of choice.


See you in game on 22nd February!


The Staff Team


Sandstorm 10 Feb at 6:48
Update Log #47 - A huge variety of new Slayer monsters & rewards, Combat & General improvements


  • Loading a preset will now deposit equipment and inventory containers first, if everything was not successfully banked then the preset will not load;
  • 'Deposit Equipment' button will now go through all slots to try and deposit each item individually instead of sending a bank full message and not depositing anything at all;
  • Players will no longer lose their items due to bank space, everything should be smooth sailing from here!


  • Corrected and updated all Slayer master Task tables with current RuneScape 3 ones (some NPC's were skipped, but only some);
  • Added the full Guthix Caves with Automatons and their combat scripts. Automatons have a chance at dropping the brand new T85 non-degrading gloves (for each style);
  • Added the full Mammot.........
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