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Sandstorm 16 hours ago
Update Log #52 - Porters, Grace of the Elves, Rare Drop Table changes, Seren Spirits & Misc. changes

Rare Drop Table

  • Completely scrapped everything that we had in regards of special drop tables and replicated the RuneScape 3 ones. All new tables and how they work can be seen here: Rare drop table;
  • Luck of the dwarves has been added to the Super Rare table;
  • Ancient effigies have been added to the Rare table;
  • The chance to roll on the base rare drop table is: 1.0 + ((double) player.luckLevel) >= randomDouble(100.0);
  • The chance for the table to 'upgrade' to the higher tier is: 1/all_items_on_the_current_table;
  • Custom code-based drops such as crystal key halves, triskelion keys, effigies and luck of the dwarves have been removed since they're all available from the RDT now.

Signs of the Porter

  • Players may now create 6 types of Signs of the .........
Sandstorm Tue at 23:37
Update Log #51 - Game-play Design Changes & Misc.

Following up on the Discord message I left you guys with, here's what I've done:

  • Moved the main home area back to Edgeville, cleared all useless decoration objects and split the area into multiple sections (Burthorpe still remains untouched for anyone who still wants to use it);
  • Added all Slayer master's to the 'graveyard' section of Edgeville, and changed the ';;slayer' command to teleport the player there directly instead of having an interface for each master;
  • Changed the way how new players had to interact with everything. On first login, they will instantly receive the character design interface, after which they will be greeted by the Town Crier, and then directed to the Thieving stalls via hint icon. Also replaced the starter.........
Sandstorm 12 Mar at 8:37
Update Log #50 - Mandrith - the new Slayer Master, Impetious Impulses and a trunk full of miscellaneous changes & fixes!


  • Added the full Torag's and Verac's set effects. These were missing for some reason;
  • Players may now have a chance at rolling the new Amulet of the Forsaken when completing a barrows run;
  • The new amulet boosts every barrows brother's set effect, for a full list see here - Amulet of the forsaken;
  • Corrected the Dharok's set effect to only trigger when equal or below 50% hitpoints.


  • Updated the client to have an auto updater for it; if you haven't yet, download it - here;
  • Updated the client with the new texture headers (which were changed on rev. 902) and new object types (which were introduced in rev. 903);
  • Fixed an issue where doing Dungeoneering would sometimes 'black-screen' your client when opening a new room.

The Arc

  • Added Q.........
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