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Sandstorm 5 hours ago
Something I've been working on and off in my spare time

Bank presets!


I'm mostly done with bank presets, though testing will be required on the BETA client to perfect them!


Presets will be available on the other client after 19th November, once our triple xp and double drop weekend ends. I'll personally hand-select a couple people to test the new update out :). There's still much work to do with them, for instance, Beast of Burden saving, preset deleting, confirmation dialogues/pop-ups, restrictions, checking for container available slots and quantities, etc. They'll probably be ready for the live game by the end of this month!


Anyways, withour further ado - here are some previews of it in action (because we all know gifs are awesome):


Update 1: Initial update, making t.........

Sandstorm 9 Nov at 2:02
Triple XP & Double Drop Weekend - November 2018!

Triple XP & Double Drop Weekend - November 2018!


As RuneScape 3 is having ANOTHER double XP weekend this year, everyone on Velheim will have the opportunity to enjoy a 200% XP boost AND a double drop weekend, between November 16th (12:00, or midday) and November 19th (11:59, late morning). As before, the vast majority of skilling activities will be able to take advantage. Double drops literally means - double everything (does not include interface-type rewards, ie. Araxxor, Barrows, etc.)! Mark it on your calendars!


Start prepping now to maximize your gains on the big weekend. Stock up on vials, unstrung bows, or whatever you need to power through your skill (or skills!) of choice.


See you in game on 16th November!

Sandstorm 1 Nov at 19:55
Top Voters of October

Top voters of October:


#1: [member=Immortalsun] - 341 votes;

#2: [member=Izerkoff] - 288 votes;

#3: [member=Jitters] - 269 votes;

#4: [member=Ahoy] - 262 votes;

#5: [member=Jdf] - 252 votes;


Each of them will receive a Christmas cracker on their account; Thank you for sticking around and supporting us :).


We've accumulated a little over 4'000 votes this month, a lot less than the month before, but still an incredible number considering I've been busy and incapable of pushing out updates as fast as I used to :)


Here's for another great month ahead!


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