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Sandstorm 15 Dec at 0:52
Winter Weekend #3 - Combat & Slayer

Our Combat Winter Weekends has arrived!

Note: There are no Ironman restrictions whatsoever for all of the Winter Weekends

From today you'll receive the following bonuses while taking part in Combat/Slayer!
  • Charm drops give one more charm than normal
  • Increased chance of rare drops
  • 25% increased Slayer experience
  • 10% cheaper instance fees

These bonuses will expire on December 17th so make sure to take advantage of this!


The Staff Team
Sandstorm 7 Dec at 19:12
Grand Exchange & Winter Sale

This update is too small to be considered a 'log', so let's define it to what it actually is!


 I apologize upfront for the lack of updates, this month has a lot for me.. my birthday, my mom's birthday, my brothers birthday, Christmas and.. new year. I'll get back at it with full force starting next year, though, I'm not going to go anywhere just yet as I still have to push out the Christmas Event. Waiting on Jagex to release theirs so I can copy it. So stay tuned for that :)!


Grand Exchange

  • Item information formatting changes to easier understand what's going on the screen;
  • Added most commonly used raw skilling materials (dragonhide, uncut gems, logs, ores, fish, etc.) at a limited quantity since the poll passed;
  • Items that.........
Sandstorm 2 Dec at 2:40
Grand Exchange

Should I add a LIMITED stock to the Grand Exchange at a high price for raw materials? This only includes materials up to level ~50-70 tops, so the high-end items will still be profitable (boss-drops).


If you have anything else you'd like to input, please reply below. I'll make sure to consider each and every opinion as this would be a huge game changer for a lot of players - old and new.



P.S. This vote will also be separately hosted on our Discord server for anyone who doesn't use the forums!

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