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Sandstorm Thur at 4:09
Update Logs #31 - Dungeoneering Improvements & Tons of Misc. QoL!
You may have seen some of these since I have been pushing parts & bits daily, and publishing them on Discord. Nevertheless; here's a full list for #31!
  • Fixed Mage Acidic Araxxor not registering his combat script properly which made him super easy to fight against;
  • Increased drop rate factor from 0.5 to 0.75;
  • Healing (cobweb) special will now execute once every 90 seconds rather than every 60 and only heal 100 per 2 ticks instead of 1'000.
  • The tool-belt will now display the correct set of items (special dungeoneering belt);
  • All hatchets & pickaxes should now work correctly for their respective skills & skill doors (also bound versions);
  • Fixed Dungeon Resource shop's throughout all Complexity levels. With corre
Sandstorm 8 Aug at 19:58
Update Logs #30 - Item Degradation, Bonus Adjustements & Misc. Changes
Item Charges
  • Overhauled how item charges & degradation was handled;
  • Armour & Misc. items that are NOT classed as weapons will now only degrade when getting damaged (in going-hit (removes 1 charge));
  • Items that are classed as weapons will now only degrade when a successful attack action has executed (outgoing-hit (removes 1 charge));
  • Items that degrade on wear (this is just an item ID change to register it as a degradable) will still degrade on equip with no charge consumption's;
  • Items that degrade while worn (corrupt equipment dropped by Revenants) will still degrade the same way they used to, removing 1 charge every game tick;
  • This change will also prolong every items degradation stage by about 7 times. Meaning items will last 7 times as
Sandstorm 5 Aug at 16:46
Update Logs #29 - More Combat improvements, the Fremennik Isles & Misc. changes!

A follow-up update; rather small this time but a much needed one.


Barrows Mini-game

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to 'null' on death until relogging;
  • Fixed Barrows creatures slain counter;
  • Players will no longer receive Corrupt Sigils if they have one already;
  • The unique rewards table will now roll alongside the Sigil roll. It's possible to receive a unique and the sigil in one chest now (though the chances are slim).

Combat Changes

  • Off-hands will now only deal 50% of the damage their main-hand versions would;
  • Reprisers (ranged defenders) will now act as Crossbows and properly shoot bolts (if you have any equipped);
  • Chinchompas now work correctly and no longer interfere with the off-hand weapon attack;
  • Magic off-hand weapons (bo
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