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  1. Yes, since that's one of the ways of getting in-game bonds. Though you will not be able to choose the spin option!
  2. Hi, I think I may have miss typed my password to login to my account. Could you help me reset it? IGN: OnlyFullSend.



  3. Those changes were reverted; everyone seemed to really enjoy afk'ing end-game bosses with soulsplit. (after which they complain their item drops are worth 5m)
  4. With the recent comotions and our site being target by multiple individuals, the Shadow Reef release will be delayed until AFTER the King of the Skill event has has ended. Archaeology Upgrading your Wingsuit to v2 can no longer be done if v1 has not been added to the toolbelt. It will now force it to go to your toolbelt before continuing; You can now get more icyene remains if you've somehow lost it before completing the mystery; Combat Reduced Enduring Glacyte's tile distance checks for incoming damage (no longer has to be across the room); Fixed
  5. and saw that he's stuck
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