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  1. Oh and does voting count for this event? I do not see anything about this.
  2. Ooh bank stuff, I like that! (fuck them jealous haters and their attacks)
  3. Besides efficiency you need a lot of time as well.
  4. Lowkey actually worth to grind 2 weeks to win $2000,- Too bad I already booked my vacation days.. XD
  5. Guess I have to do runecrafting. >: (
  6. Let's not forget to vote for GTop100 and MMTop200!

  7. With this I have even more faith in Velheim becoming one of the most optimised servers out there.
  8. Mac book users should worship you by now. Also kind of nice to see some Clan stuff being done, we clanning now!
  9. Ahoy


    In that case msg me so I can join back, ill bring over my buddy too.
  10. Ahoy


    New classic clan since a lot of people got kicked from Astra. Msg Ahoy if you wish to join.
  11. Pretty much this, you took the words out of my mouth.
  12. I'll only reply on 1 & 2; A bank command should never ever be a thing; 525 > 550 > 600 > 700 > 800 > 900 > 1000; [Or just +50 per rank]
  13. Had a feeling this would be one of the answers, just nice to see this being confirmed. Any chance we will see some hiscore changes when it comes to prestiging? (order of rank)
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