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  1. Actually such a big game changer to UIM! (no more dung daily skips) The storm has been cooking and it is time for us to feast, what a delightful looking update!
  2. Threads of Fate is a non working relic. https://runescape.wiki/w/Threads_of_Fate_(relic)
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow_qI_F2ZJI
  4. If possible add the function to the aura, does not have to be tier 1, can be tier 4 (elite) if needed. Ability to choose which boss is faced in a dungeon, once per day (must be a boss that can be accessed on that floor)
  5. Yes, I found out on the wiki that is why I suggested it cause it looks like a big deal. Would be nice for Revenant Drop Enhancer as well but I do think not a lot of players use it here, besides the fact that I think it does not work (could be wrong).
  6. Able to combine Brawling Gloves of the same skill to a max charg count of 1 million.
  7. I rather see Sandstorm fixes and adding missing content (like some things in Archeology for example) before we would need a new skill. As for a new mode I would go for a classic iron man or a true hardcore mode with no extra lives (die and your account is done or reset).
  8. Another idea is to make the items black instead of giving them opacity and once unlocked the items show their true colours.
  9. Hey! Ho! Let's go!

  10. And should Vic be there 24/7 or should it be like the Fishing Trader? Appear for a short period x times a day? (with an announcement ofc)
  11. I like to see the kingdom as well, but instead of unlocking it with a quest we should unlock it through another way I suppose? (money?) Perhaps the basic levels to support your own kingdom (30 herblore, 10 farming, 30 mining, 40 woodcutting, 35 fishing). https://runescape.wiki/w/Throne_of_Miscellania
  12. Or add it to the ore box, make the stone spirits match the ore box tier to make it fair.
  13. 10x the price so 1.5mil, keep the maths simple. home well = 150k / command = x10 (1500k)
  14. Or a command that costs double the input ;;well (enter number). So 300k instead of 150k
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