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  1. Actually sounds like a good back-end improvment!
  2. Bring out your inner prada people! I cannot be there so I hope someone will get a nice snap of the competition.
  3. When you think you vote a lot.. but you see the nr1. voter almost doubling your votes.. good lord.

  4. I do not see them adding a new skill cause of Archeology (unless I am wrong), I can see them upping skills like Construction or Summoning to 120 though.
  5. Thank you both, I am nearly there with my own rank goal so I can make a few other players happy as well : )
  6. Massive improvement with the ingame guides, I think this is the most up-to-date server as of now. (woohoo) Guess I have to grind a bit more for the earth and song pickaxe now but it seems like an interesting but fitting change needing to go by a dwarf.
  7. In-game name: Ahoy Why do you deserve to win?: I would finish up the last $22.5 to reach the diamond rank, everything that is left I would share with other players, giving them a perk they are missing. I rather share it with others as to keep it all for myself, especially since I got almost all of the perks and I personally have no real need to spend the rest on cosmetics, so sharing the left over $$ with other players feels the best. Personally I do not think I deserve it cause I took a break from the server to deal with some irl things, I am sure there are plenty of players who think
  8. Nice, but how many of those are alts though?
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