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  1. We just described the same thing, just that I suggested the discord be repurposed for that effect. "...discussion with near-instant feedback."
  2. Agreed mostly, but disagree with replacing the suggestions channel. I think it's great that the forums is more active due to suggestions being moved here, but I think there still could be some use for the Suggestion Discord. The suggestions channel could be a good place for discussion with near-instant feedback. Some people despise forums.
  3. I don't wanna make a new suggestion post, but could you add Repairing Crystal Weapons with coins? This is how it is on Runescape at the moment. Currently no way to repair crystal armor because there's unadded content (Crystal Shapeshifters)
  4. In-game name: Winter Revel Why do you deserve to win?: I deserve to win because one way or another......................................................................................................... The proceeds are just gonna end up in Zin's bank anyway.
  5. The legendary pets component has been suggested already. As for loot settings, they've already been suggested as well, but I think its a really annoying job to get perfect for everyone because ideally you'd have a lot of different options... e.g. filtering Rarest tradable v.s. rarest untradable item lootbeams, and some things like that. I know it would be amazing for ironmen, so hopefully one day.
  6. This is the type of thing that would be added when sand updates other skills that have been pushed to 120, so don't expect him to work on this unfortunately. In the past he typically refrains from adding content that is part of larger content updates. An example would be that he added the Enhanced Excalibur, but he did not add the Elite version, because that would be from an achievement diary. Another example is that he did add the Dragon mattock to hunting npcs on anachronia, because he doesn't see likely himself ever coding Big Game hunter.
  7. If he adds custom titles, they should cost $50-100, but should be a permanent unlock so just typing something like ;;customtitle would let you use it again. Gold Statue of Sand sounds fine. If someone donated $250, or better yet earned $250 worth of in-game bonds, I don't think 1% drop rate is killing anything. Also it would be another one of those things to add to the checklist of things to do before you actually start pvming, so people will probably forget to use it anyways lmfao. Love the Archeology Ideas, that's ideal. Seren Stones would be nice. Disagree with the f
  8. Even if it's with an alt, at least they'll be used to the mechanic. I don't wanna get wiped at BM later is all lmao.
  9. No(3) way that no(4) one has posted in 6 hours....
  10. Durial321 edit: Just continue with L lol.
  11. We just collectively suggested in the FC to ask if Ctrl+Y(Ty NHS), could be added to open the Spellbook-Home teleports interface, similarly to how we open the custom one.
  12. I'm gonna ask you to have your name changed to pretentious and notify you that he doesn't need your permission to post. Re-read what you just typed to him and if it sounds good in your head, check yourself.
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