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  1. I say no with the portables going from 1 to 5x. Automatically reduces the value of every portable currently in the game already. Probably tons ingame not even being used to begin with. The rest looks good though.
  2. 25 Vote points is equivalent to 4 days and some change of votes. To access t70 equipment. I agree, should be reduced in price. I think just having it at 5 vote points would be fair. Would have to wait until after KOTS at this point tho.
  3. Yeah at minimum preventing 2 of the same pet would be good. Idk about them dropping in order; that would kinda remove some fun of it if you like a specific one more than another I'd think. (E.g. your favorite is the very last one)
  4. 10% is op af. Does it actually work that way for legacy mode on RS3? I'll check later.
  5. Tbh, ever since I started playing Velheim, my complexion has gotten 100x better. Also I've experienced a 69% gain in muscle mass. It's all thanks to you, my friend. Edit: Aww man Sand why'd you edit your original post... darn...
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