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  1. a wise man once said


    don't spill alcohol on your keyboard idiot @Sandstorm

    1. Hackedbutnp


      It wasnt gatsby or drasil that said that

    2. Sandstorm


      Just do shots, easier not to spill....

    3. Dynasty
  2. Roses are red, violets are blue. Sandstorm broke another keyboard, boohoo.
  3. Upgradeable perks would be cool, but we've got to make sure that they're balanced for P2W reasons, naturally. Will be interesting to see how this idea develops.
  4. mixed kebab meat and chips slathered in mayo remy martin xo cognac ben and jerrys cookie dough
  5. no shit sherlock smh, state the obvious more loser
  6. Massive thank-you to the Misfits for their drop party today!


    Just a shame a few pepegas had to ruin it for a few people, all good tho. We move.

  7. Duels are still a form of gambling; wasn't aware that you couldn't bet on them as I don't do them on RS3. My b!
  8. Support; would be very nice to be up to date with all RS3 skilling equipment before we have 120 Herb/Farm content.
  9. PvM is balanced in the way that it is for a reason - while certain bosses definitely need over/undertuning, actual PvM content itself is fine as is, imo. Duels will never be added to Velheim.
  10. Yggdrasil


    I honestly agree. For intended beginner content, Godwars 1 is slowly becoming the new Stronghold of Security of AFK zones, except it's more profitable and easier to AFK as you don't need aggression potions. It needs to be addressed; either in the way of direct nerfs or tweaks to higher end content that makes it more profitable (such as buffing drops from GWD2 bosses) to balance it out.
  11. pls remember that when dropping items that degrade they insta-break
  12. I don't think it would be very healthy for the item prices, though; essentially worthless besides for upgrading from dragon to crystal. Furthermore, it eliminates an intended grind for ironman (that being smithing the upgrade tiers) so you could just focus on smithing and make one item, which is a little too easy, imo. Sure, it's tedious to get all of the other tools but once you've gotten them once, you don't need to get them again. They're there. This suggestion just makes it a little too easy for my liking.
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