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  1. Looking through your account I've seen you have kept active through the time since you became a member of velheim and you're less than 30 days away from the 3 year Veteran cape. I have approved your Veteran rank.
  2. You're account is still too young to earn the Veteran Rank. Have to be registered in the early 2018 or/ obtained the 3 years Veteran cape from Hans. (My account is from feb 2019 and i'm not qualified for it either.)
  3. Main Course: Beef wellington with salad and red wine sauce 1 Glass of good scotch, like Macallan 18 year old Dessert: Chocolate Suffle with vanilla cream sauce. Gonna eat expensive if it's my last meal
  4. Imagine you're heading off to the electric chair tomorrow after being jailed by a staff member for auto-clicking. What would be your last meal? You can pick: Main course, 1 glass of your choice of drink and Dessert.
  5. Share your random Youtube videos that you're watching!
  6. I wanna try a proper Guinness in Ireland. Otherwise i usually take a stout called "st peter's creme stout" when i feel like having one.
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