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  2. Destroy them, if you already have 200M or charged the pylon anchors. But sometimes you want to spare them for later.
  3. So basically I've been trying to get all the Hidey Holes fixed and filled, and there is also an award here on the Forums for it. It looks like there is a few items that is impossible to get, or really tedious getting in general. Maybe even add these to Lucy's (untradeable), or other shops/new shop: Enhanced Yaktwee Stick, Infinity Set, Cavalier (clues only), Asylum Surgeons Ring, Scabaras Mask, Lab Coat Top, Lab Coat Legs, Dragon Rider Amulet, Boater (clues only), Holy Cithara and Ring of Devotion. The clues only isn't really needed to any shops, but would be sparing time. I could ha
  4. Can always throw them into the pylon if it isn't active for some archy exp
  5. Today
  6. It's a great suggestion, but I don't think it is possible, as you can't bank them on rs.
  7. Hey, first post here. Would it be possible to make Pylon Batteries able to be stored in the bank? I understand they aren't tradeable due to them being required for mysteries and such, but it's a silly restriction to have them completely non-bankable. It's somewhat frustrating to have to destroy them all the time, especially when you're not so lucky and don't end up with a nice even 10 before finishing your excavation session.
  8. IGN: Funkii Panda IS1: Guildmaster Tony's Mattock -------------- IS1: Guildmaster Tony's Mattock
  9. Alright, well if you need any help just pm me ingame "Kim", or via the forums, or ask in the friends chat, if you need any help!
  10. Cool, thanks! Don't particularly care about those things so it's fine. As long as all the non-bossing/pvm content is there I'm cool with it.
  11. Cheers! Hopefully, it is very doable in my opinion, considering it takes max 8 hours.
  12. It has almost everything RS3 related, I know Raksha and ED3 isn't added, and a few small things besides that. But most besides that is added as far as I know!
  13. I'm intrigued by runescape again. I'm seriously considering playing RS3, but to be honest I'd rather play Velheim cause the rates are faster. But the one thing I do care about is content, both quantity and quality. Does Velheim have all of the content of RS3?
  14. Loving the guides lately, maybe someday this will encourage me to get 4K chompys
  15. Would rather see quick teleports with numbers 1-9 on the teleportation interface instead.
  16. Perhaps, it's called The Wellerman.
  17. Have I heard that in ACIV: Black Flag? Looks really familiar
  18. Yesterday
  19. Thanks for the feedback/support. The Stone Spirit bag isn't really that important for me, but was thinking in general it would be nice to save a bit of bank spaces. If it is possible to add it, as RS doesn't have anything like it. For the Frozen key charges, I wouldn't mind having that you can choose how many chargers to add aswell, as the 100 charges was just a suggestion, and which could be altered, or different.
  20. 1. Yes +1 2. Everytime I do the clue stacks and end up clicking my way to carpal tunnel, I wish we have the use all option like rs3 but never get around to making a suggestion. + 1 3. Not a huge deal, might be nice for bank saving space but that's about it. + 1/2 4. Had a look at the rewards you use them on, it would require a PoP update to make most of the items you spend them on useful + 1/2 5. Been suggested a few time, would be nice to have but I can live without it. 6. Yes +1 7. Since Sand added teasers for the portals being added, this would be a nice addit
  21. Yeah, would be very nice.
  22. Having a couple of quick teles like that would be amazing! <3
  23. Add X/ALL redeem on Lamps and Stars. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge please on this one
  24. Or just ask them if they can let you do your slayer task?
  25. There once was a ship that put to sea The name of the ship was the Billy of Tea The winds blew up, her bow dipped down O blow, my bully boys, blow
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