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  1. I agree with what @Nhs said +1
  2. Very nice guide great help for new players
  3. ngl when the rax grind starts Ill probs die
  4. Good luck mate will be great to see you get some prog
  5. massive congrats @Grace and @Yuzuki absolute god mode.
  6. Yeeted myself a nice black santa out of the cracker today 120 invent, 50m fishing and a BSH a nice day today
  7. Congrats my man, absolute god achievement. Surely got the log complete now though
  8. thanks mate I plan not to waste that BXP
  9. Hey guys, I am Richard (Smelly), an Ex Rank 2 HCIM with lots of progress on a different server. Over 3 years of playing on it and I am glad to once again begin a new adventure here with you all. Thought id give myself a little intro here instead of making 2 posts. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible and will update whenever any noticeable drops or upgrades are obtained. Key: Green = Completed, Yellow = In progress, Red = Not started UPDATED: 25/01/2021 SHORT TERM GOALS Unlock invention (ASAP) 80/80/80 - completed 05/01/21 Get 120 any skill (probably fishing) - 10
  10. Good luck mate will love to see the progress and gains along the way joining you on that journey to max
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