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  1. Would love to see this in game. Vote shop or loyalty shop sounds like a good place for it as well.
  2. In-game name: Sandwhich Why do you deserve to win?: I would like to win because this would bring me up to a diamond donor! P.S. Thank you for hosting a giveaway <3
  3. I don't think it necessarily needs to match the rs3 times. However I think it would be nice if we could see what times the events would occur. Maybe there could be a section on the website added for when the next "x" event would occur? Or the events board in home could list the times?
  4. Hello everyone! I wanted to make a place to share and log my ironman's progress. If there are any statistics about my account you would like to see just let me know. This page was last updated: 1/22/2021 General Account Information: - Time played as of last post update: 118 hours 16 minutes 16 seconds - Donator rank: Ruby - Total Level: 2338 - Rank on Highscores: 66 - Total number of pets: 3 (3 skilling, 0 boss, 0 other) - Number of game perks: 21 Current Goals: -Smith elder rune +5: Mining is in progress -Obtain full subjugation: Curr
  5. Nice progress sheet! I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for my Ironman. Good luck on the gains!
  6. I’ve been finding myself having to use loadstone quite a bit to move around for buying stuff from shops or doing clues. I know in RS3 you can use vis wax to make loadstone teleports instant. It would be nice if vis wax was added or perhaps there could be a new perk released that makes the teleports instant?
  7. I would like to see some kind of skilling event. Maybe who gets the most xp over a week or perhaps a skilling bingo?
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