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  1. Dear Velheim players, Here are some of my suggestions. I will be updating this list whenever i come accross new idea's - (Last Update: 21-1-2021) Please let me know what you think about some below. Please take note: Some things may already be in the game and i'm just stupid. Note #2: Apologies for my bad grammar. For sandstorm: A legenda - Blue = Maybe | Red = Not Happening | Yellow = In Progress | Green = Done! Server Idea's: - Achievements, From Easy to Elite (Example for easy: Mine 100 coal ore, Fish 50 lobsters, Vote atleast 1 time) - Example
  2. Thanks for the awesome updates!
  3. Thought i make a little diary for myself, and maybe for others to see how bad my luck is [20-1-2021] - x2 Bandos Pet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - x2 Bandos Helmet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - x2 Dragon Pickaxes - x1 Dragon Pickaxe - x1 Dragon Pickaxe
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