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  1. im going on vacation 16-21 :c but enjoy guys ill try to take finish 22-26
  2. Legooo for more yearsssssssssssssss. lets go those 100 + online again :D
  3. Well i mean like i said with my comment, 10x mode could be added also. Several new game modes being added would be such a big game pump in my opinion. Like i said i dont know if its too much work for sand, but if its not... it would be insane if like 2-3 new game modes were added: 1) Iron man Classic x2 mode. 2) x10 regular mode for sure in my opinion
  4. Ive done the mention before.. For me its of course a +1. I dont see this hurting the game in anyway and i think it would actually have a good impact on it. Maybe it doesnt have to be the only mode added. Maybe GIM Classic mode also. Dont know how hard it is for sand to add new modes... but if its possible it would be sick... Hope this gets added. Cheeerssss
  5. Hey! I fucking love this server, been playing for almost 3 years and everytime i see the player count drop it kills me :C . We had a couple months ago low peeks of players and all of a sudden it went back up. Saying this... SANDSTORM ... you are the one that managed to make this server so popular back then and today. So you are the one who knows what to do and what not to do. Maybe my suggestion (that u probably already have in mind) is stupid and of course you are the one that decides what to do. 1) Voting IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE SERVER . I try to do my best to vote everyday on both my accs. Maybe its time to bring back the double vote books from voting like back then? especially with the low player count we are having currently? And maybe increase the velheim coins prices for every certain votes. 2) Promotion of server: SAND. A couple months ago when u said lets keep rolling, u mentioned that u invested in new advertisement of the server.. im not sure if that helped or not and of course its your money and you are the smart one here and im just a guy trying to help but maybe with my little knowledge im saying something thats not worth it. Maybe its time to get more youtubers again to promote the server? Or advertisement in more pages idk. Its probably expensive for you but maybe the recovery from people joining its worth it since a lot of people donate irl money ( i would love to but im poor lol, thats why i do my best to vote everyday). 3) This has been said serveral times... but ill say it again. Maybe now its time to add a new game mode to the server. For example iron man classic or idk if there are any other game modes to be added, cause maybe it motivates old people to come back to make a new acc and start from 0 on a new game mode. 4) Is there anyway to get the new skill of rs3 on here? Im not even sure about the new skill of how it works cause i havent played rs3 ever again. But maybe being the first or one of the first servers to have that skill on here brings a lot of people? Maybe this takes tooo much work and since its related to combat maybe its imposible to bring it to server. Idk, just mentioning just incase. Im sure you are working on great updates (battlepass for example) that hopefully bring a lot of people back and new people! You are the smart one here again, so you are the best to decide what to do of promotion of server etc, just wanted to mentioned this to maybe make you think about the topic a bit more and maybe it brings you ideas of what to do to get this server Back to where it belongs full of people ( i swear its such an awesome server that deserves way more people in it). I Hope this server never closes. I love it so much and idk what i would do without it . MUCH LOVE.
  6. Dear SAND! THIS POST MADE ME SO HAPPY ! I FREAKING LOVE THIS SERVER AND I WOULD BE SO SAD WITHOUT IT ! Im glad you were able to sort stuff out IRL and take the break u of course need and continue now with this awesome project!!
  7. Thanks sand like always!!!! LOVE U
  8. Thanks for your comments and taking your time to read this, Almost done Cheers <3
  9. Hey guys ; ) . Here are some ideas i think would be great if implemented , what do you guys think? 1) New command ;;togglevote (Basically this would work exactly like ;;toggletriple, but it would stop the 50% extra xp from vote books). Sometimes i just add like 10 hours of extra xp to my account thinking im gonna train 10 hours and then all of a sudden i decide to do something in which i dont have to use that extra xp. Im guessing i am not the only one that suffers from this. Im guessing this would also help with people being able to sell vote books faster since players might spend a lot of vote books on xp since they could pause it at some point. 2) Dr boost upgrade (i think someone has already mention something about this): I mean reaching 13% dr cap its not that difficult for a regular acc for example and once players reach that they basically maybe stop playing so hard. I think it would really be nice and help sink of bonds if new item gets added to the prestige shop (DR UPGRADE Token, that costs certain amount of points) which you could use to help DR go higher than the cap of 13%). Of course the DR reward doesnt have to be huge amount, but make it so that players could keep wanting to prestige and helping player base online. If in the future we have a problem because of the extra DR, sand could add the item idea sink he has in mind incase he ever has to. 3) Symbol of the account mode next to name? I mean it would be nice if people by right clicking your character could already know what game mode you are on and not having to examine your name. 4) Skip floors option for dung shop? I think in real rs if i remember correctly you had the option to spend tokens on skipping floors . Would be really nice if this was added cause its really annoying when you have to do floors 1-35 for example small c1. Maybe have to pay dung tokens + coins to help money sink? 5) New game perk: Add a game perk that you can buy for example for 1000 velheim coins or 1500 so that the collector of POF collects more than 30 pets at once? maybe 50/60? 6) Lets face it... Voting is extremely important for Server. With the 5 first top voters receiving the christmass cracker its already a huge incentive for people to vote.. but.. once people already know its impossible for them to be in Top they stop voting so perfectly like top 5 voters and maybe skip some days of voting. How can this be improved? Adding Voting tickets also. You basically receive 7 vote tickets and 7 vote books. These vote tickets could be untradeable and be exchanged each for 10 mins of extra 50% xp? Or maybe make it so that you have to have atleast 100 to use them and you turn them in for 10 hours of extra xp? Im not 100% sure if this is the best solution for improving motivation towards voting, but i think something needs to be added since the most important thing for the server besides the donations is the votes. 7) Add announcement for when someone reaches a new donator rank? I think it would be nice if people get congratulated for that :p Thats it for now, hopefully you guys support this and if not comment what you think and hopefully things of this list could get added in future P.s. WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU GUYS LIKE ADDED? Cheers, Argentina Rs
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