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  1. Great guide, I'll use it if I find a team for Croesus
  2. Didn't even know we have implings, seems like a decent suggestion
  3. Nice updates, finally activating more people to donate to the well
  4. Insane updates, especially combat.
  5. Pvmlife

    I'm Blue

    Welcome Blue! Enjoy your stay here
  6. Good updates, love the Dungeoneering part specifically
  7. Seen you already, you're pretty active in help fc. Great to have you, hope you enjoy your time here.
  8. Welcome to Velheim! I hope you will enjoy playing here with us and I wish you good recovery irl. If you need anything ask in fc.
  9. Good for you, go back to the streets
  10. Why are you feeling called out? I never mentioned you or your buddies, you just randomly found yourself here
  11. When I took people to aod in our discord on RS3 we had a full hour of errors and problems, that is the main game where money and dying actually matters (idc about dying on Velheim it costs like 2m), after failing for multiple times the crew got used to 7 man aod and they did good so we were all happy and managed to have weekly aod teams or anytime we wanted simply because we taught people how to do it and didn't require t95 to do it. You can't tell me you need t92 on velheim (rsps) for aod when I started it off with t85 on rs3 and it wasn't that big of a deal except lacking some dps/perfect accuracy. Why is it such a big issue to take a learner to aod or solak? I have t90 on velheim and bis on rs3, I did both aod and solak on rs3 and now I'm not accepted with t90s on a private server where mechanics are three times easier? Smells like "end game" people just don't want others to pvm and get drops.. I saw Mr Cleave and Supra take some initiative and trying to assemble an aod team but we couldn't get a 7 man team just because the mentality is duo or trio everything or "just solo it or you suck at the game". When will people understand that we can all just group pvm and have fun in discord vc with like actual group pvm events instead of locking end game pvming to top 10 biggest flex donators? I've been in rs3 clans like this and I can tell you it's pure cancer to behave like this towards learners. Now they want raids locked also so that they can hand pick their clanmates and people with t92 for bm (which you can do in t70 easily btw) and ruin pvm even more? Like come on, super fun server until you get to t90 gear and then you see that you're just never going to have a pvm group to go to group bosses with.
  12. Been asking for a month along with other three people to do aod and solak and nobody wants to take us, so I'd say like five people control end game economy and don't want to share.. I wanted to change that but now I don't really care much anymore to be fair
  13. Can't do much about it.. most people won't sell items. I know there are people with 20 blightbound crossbows and other items and they just keep them in bank for their value to go up and won't sell. It's a pretty stale and dead economy so for now you'll be an ironman yes, hopefully it changes in the future as more open minded players join.
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