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  1. Congratulations Sand, and enjoy fatherhood. I am sorry to hear you are going through a rough time. As previously stated, self care comes before anything else in life. Get things good for you, so you can be great for us. Looking forward to hearing about the little one in the future.
  2. I think that this is a very good idea to implement as it would give more incentive to bring in money for the server, which is more motivation to keep it running with consistent updates and new content. Obviously donating should never feel like a requirement though, so nothing should scream "p2w" even though its a significant achievement or amount donated. Basically improving the qol for high donators. I would also be very please to see a custom title option brought back even if it comes with a restriction like that, I was upset to see it leave in the first place. As for the donation shop at t
  3. Amazing guide, lots of information given. If I were to ever restart and become a skiller, I would find this very useful.
  4. Very helpful information, thanks for putting this our here for us! Easy access to perks list OP
  5. Great work, thanks for keeping us posted!
  6. Keep up the great work, hopefully we see some more useful updates coming shortly. Thanks for keeping us posted
  7. All of this information is great, although as Sand said your images are broken. Fix those and amazing guide!
  8. very impressive hcim account, couldn't imagine the effort you put into it!
  9. Thanks everyone for the compliments and feedback, and @boss - will add smelting gauntlets now, thank you!
  10. Introduction: As we all know, getting some decent gear to go bossing with in Velheim can be a bit of a struggle at times. However, fear not, this guide is aimed directly at getting you the gear that you need to satisfy your boss cravings. Masterwork is a T90 melee gear that is upgradeable to T92 with a little more effort. (will go over this briefly in guide.) So, how can it get any better you ask? Well, getting this Masterwork gear is actually FREE and will only take you some time. I did not incorporate the materials for getting the masterwork shield in this guide because there is better i
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