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  1. I would assume it does as it's an "Ingame" method that can be used by anyone but worth waiting for a Mod / Staff to comment I guess.
  2. Currently Skavid Caves south of Yanille don't appear to be operational and is the only place (other than farming them in a single available patch) to obtain Cave Nightshade. Any chance Skavid Caves with their Cave Nightshade spawns can be added? It's one of the main ingredients for weapon poison ++
  3. As a suggestion regarding this - Worth putting a time limit on it? So you have 48 hours (over the event period) to get as much as possible? Those that have other commitments then sweating out to this event won't even be close to competing for prizes.
  4. If not a new skill I would say a rework to woodcutting / fletching / fm (like they did with Mining / Smithing)
  5. The idea behind introducing extra drops as part of a perk doesn't fit with any other perk that's in the game. Majority of current perks will either save resources or produces higher yield. The other two points made I can get behind but -1 from me regarding the other cata rune introductions.
  6. Edit on the above too - if this was to be introduced as suggested - you're basically cucking yourself out of potential blood / death drops as it widens the rune drop table and it's the main reason alot of people (especially IMs) run barrows.
  7. There's other drops it gives, many runs that don't give runes at all and just prayer pots / raw cash and when you get a rune drop it's not likely you'll get 3/4 different types of runes.
  8. I like the idea but only issue I have with it is there isn't "Much" use for Mind / Body / Cosmic / Law / Astral in the quantities that you'll need say Chaos, Blood, Death and Soul. Plus you can buy the Mind / Body / Cosmic / Law / Astral from shops as you don't go through that many of em in a day.
  9. Would love this in the game, will make getting around faster (Especially for clues)
  10. What are you asking as the suggestion here? The pickaxe in the toolbelt works as expected when using a melee weapon - will chunk the beasts armour accordingly.
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