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  1. Both congratulations and my condolences. As Arca said, don't force the update this week. I'd rather see you spend time with your newborn and make sure you see your dad off correctly. I didn't say it in Discord, but thanks for the quick response yesterday when the server went down. Quickly handled that despite being in such a stressful time. Take care of yourself Sand, we can wait. ~TheDarkTurm
  2. IGN: Thedarkturm IM10: Prestige MAster 25 ------------------------------------- IGN: Turmbank IM16: Hazelmere's signet ring ------------ IM10: Prestige MAster 25 IM16: Hazelmere's signet ring
  3. +1 from me, I talked to @Nhs about it yesterday saying that it's missing on the chests in ddz
  4. Huge +1 from me, as i see these questions asked frequently and would be a big help for new players
  5. Gz you clearly rigged it.
  6. We're sinking slowly currently... We got air for about 30 more minutes. But fear not - Arca has a backup plan, or so he told me!
  7. I have been looking at that lost lands and dungeons slayer log in a long time thinking i would do it for the title, now i can wait to do it. Thanks for the information on the inability to complete it and good luck with the rest of the logs!
  8. Day 42: We found treasure, rum. And there is plenty of it.
  9. Not my fault you're only level 10 Sailiing... You really should train that some more before inviting me to raid England... Also send help.. Arca is just sitting on the ground doing nothing..
  10. MOM GET THE CAMERA I'M IN THE PICTURE! Anyway nice little and very much welcoming drop while grinding that #1 - Keep it up man, we support you! *Also, share i tbed?*
  11. Close to optimal setup, we just need some more spartans and we're good
  12. I mean there is a bank chest down at Telos. Other than that, I see no point in adding a chest since it's like so easy to tp to anyway So not supporting this either
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