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  1. Support. Just because there is an already existing system to tele doesn't make this a bad thing to update. And it would be a general QOL update. The purpose was to make the process easier, which it does. Adding onto that, it could also help reduce the questions in FC of "How do I get to 'x' for my slayer task?" When they see it as a right click option to just tele there.
  2. As a person who noticed this when making my Spring Cleaner 9001.. Yes, it's set to the wrong column and it was hell to get. I don't wish it on anyone else so +1
  3. All good. Just thought I'd help!
  4. Accumulator may be the word here.
  5. The method to obtain sirenic scales is already in game. New players coming in 200x xp don't farm it. People with augmented armor don't require more. Therefore the scales are never being camped by higher level players that need to repair their own sets. But new players don't camp and make their own sets usually, the spots are generally bare. Why? Ask this and you may see why 51 players voted no to making it repairable with scales/energy. That being said, I had no problem with making money off of scale/energy farming just recently even with the current system. We have a constant influx of
  6. The biggest thing is the amount of content there is in game does not match the amount of players, which can lead to easy merches due to everybody focusing on one thing (I.E. sirenic scales) which crashes the price. Once the sirenic scales become more than needed by players (see malovelent energy), the price crashes and people move on to the next peice of content they want to focus on until the price becomes enough to farm again. This happens with almost every item. (See: Nex farming during event causing way lower prices). Repairing with cash allows you to have your gear, farm scale
  7. Adding onto this, you could also choose to sign up for notifications. Such as @Skilling Events: Guthixian Cache will open in 5 Minutes.
  8. 3- Add an invention perk to increase the equipment xp gain. Enlightened 3? 5x Pious Components in a Gizmo shell.
  9. Charo's Clue Carrier <3 And Corgi Pet. Add in all the other stuff, but those are bae.
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