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  1. Agreed, even the wiki says to use the hydrix on one of the jewelry and not each other. Confused me for a good 5 mins trying to make it the other night.
  2. The only one I could see being added as a normal outfit (gained through the skill) would be dung as that's got the three suits like other outfits. The rest can just as easily be added to thaler shop and/or sof or even one of the incentive stores. (Vote/trivia) actually... adding them to the Trivia shop would spice that up a bit and make it relatively easy to obtain(mostly cosmetics in there)
  3. While this would reduce the number of drygores in the game. I feel that there's not enough people who wouldn't just do this with an alt to make it worth removing the ability for a solo to kill it easily like and ironman. It would just make drygores even harder to obtain for newer players and raise the prices as it got merched to hell.
  4. Could we get a permanent version of golden touch that costs like 10x as much vital sparks? Or have it require vital sparks as upkeep somehow. This would give them a use and allow less ground clutter at bosses and pvm areas as the drops under loot beam would just be alched. (It would also mean you wouldn't get anything but coins from drops.) It would also allow more afk which is a negative but it would also give uses for vital sparks that are otherwise junk. Maybe introduce sigils? https://runescape.wiki/w/Golden_touch_sigil https://runescape.wiki/w/Golden_Touch
  5. Bookmarked, so many times I have to constantly ask 'what number is x' and feel dumb doing it multiple days in a row xD
  6. IGN: Jakkillr I'd spend the coins on the last few perks I need and getting myself some fancy clothes to wear. Plus spread it around and gift some perks to people.
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