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Update Log #87 - War's Retreat, New Home


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Animation Overrides

  • Added a bunch of new Skill Animations that will display when the player is skilling in the Skill that they purchased the override for;
  • Slightly edited the new interface to make room for bigger override names, & removed the 'Spell' category as it was irrelevant;

Grand Exchange

  • Changed the item price re-calculation to only take affect of items from completed offers so people could no longer massively manipulate item prices;
  • These items can now be auto-bought on the Grand Exchange: addy & runite ores, living minerals, elder short & shield bows, all salamanders, divination energy up to vibrant, uncut red topaz, snakeskin, molten glass;
  • Auto-added (unlimited) offers will now also display in the Player Listings interface for easier item searching;

New Home Area (again)

  • I've took the time to work on a new home area that should (in theory) be more welcome to new players;
  • Slightly populated the home shops with more items that can be found on the Grand Exchange by default;
  • Added a few new skilling objects around the area;
  • Added a small cut-scene that will show around the new home area for new players upon logging in;
  • I'm fully open to suggestions on this one, so if you see something missing or could potentially help with the design - I'm all ears!

War's Retreat

  • Started working on the War's Retreat;
  • You may now attune both boss portals to any of the available boss'es on the interface, and it will directly put you outside the boss's entrance;
  • You may use the campfire to boost your health bonus for 60 minutes based on your Firemaking level;
  • You may now use the altar of war to both - recharge your prayer points and summoning points;
  • You can quickly get to War's Retreat from the Boss Teleportation menu;


  • Updated the Cooking animations to RS3 versions;
  • Disabled the Lobby's last login address (it'll now show as;
  • You will now be able to examine NPC's when their death animation starts and up until they de-register;
  • The TzHaar Whip will now auto level-up each time the player gains an Attack level to be able to wield the next iteration;
  • Increased the maximum sealed clue scroll amount the player can have at a time from 25 to 100;
  • The Player will no longer require to re-log for their Discord rank to go up if their donator rank went up in-game;
  • These items may now be stored with Diango: Shark fists (1-4 (and off-hands)), Mollik the Cuddly, Cloak of Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter;
  • Slight improvements to Bank's 'Search' feature: it will no longer allow to move items around (unless creating a new tab, in which case it will stop the search and refresh the interface), removed the useless configs and scripts that were being sent back and forth, it will immediately stop the search function when the player presses on any bank tab (and the search button will become available again);
  • Since Araxxor can now only be fought in instances, you will once again have to bring your Araxyte Pheromone's with you if you wish to fight his most weakest form against your current held weapon;


  • Some items that had their custom idle/walk/run animations will now override players animations correctly (ie. Sack of presents);
  • Fixed the '2-bun' female hairstyle being 'invisible' when wearing a hat;
  • Corrected OpenGL's moving texture speeds;
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Bank Deposit box'es to 'remove' inventory and equipment tabs;
  • Corrected the Invention Perk 'Scavenging' build components, previously it was precise components instead of precious components. If you find any other incorrect ones - please let me know;
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some weapon default stance emotes to override player's walk animations;
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Enchant Bolt spell to not recognize that a specific bolt requires less runes than the regular amount (opal, jade, red-topaz);


- Media -

(Only 1 picture sadly :( )


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