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Update Log #93 - Moar Sounds & Bug Sqooshing

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Not sure if this is update-log worthy, but we haven't had one in a while and I thought I'd make this onto a new one.

As always, this update log contains any previous ninja logs.






  • You may now change ranks and assign roles to your clan members;
  • You may now set Clan thread ID and click on the clan thread to bring up Velheim forum with the topic ID that was entered;
  • These clan settings will now correctly save: world, time zone off-set, official clan thread;
  • Added the 'Scribe' NPC with his full dialogue to the Clan Camp;
  • You can request Clan Cloaks and Vexillums from Scribe. Keep in mind that these items have not been coded, and/or are unfinished;



  • I know a lot of you don't play with sounds, nor care about them - but I do, and I know a few others that do as well. This is something I've wanted to do since day 1 honestly.
  • Added Combat Sound effects to over 6'000 miscellaneous NPC's - attacking, defending, dying (will slowly fill in the rest when I find them);
  • Added an item 'picking up' sound for whenever an item goes into your inventory (some methods have exceptions);
  • Added sounds to jewelry teleportation, depositing items into your bank (only while bank is open), RuneCrafting (essence into runes), Thieving, and when potions are about to run out/have run out;
  • Changed default global sound area effect from 5 to a maximum of 9 tiles (9 being very quiet);
  • Added the sound sequence for when teleporting via the Lodestone network (only while using the default teleport override);



  • All Construction Flatpacks that are make-able can now be disassembled;
  • All potions that are consumable will now give the correct amount of materials depending on the doses left;
  • Combat bracelets will now disassemble into 5 components rather than just 1;
  • The EXP players receive from discovering devices at the Inventor's workbench will no longer get multiplied by their game-mode;



  • The War's Retreat hub will now place the player at the tile they can actually go to, for instance, General Graardor teleport will place you inside only if you have the Greater Gods game perk, Gregorovic teleport will place you inside the barriers only if you have the Greater Gods perk OR 25 Sliske kills (which they will be used up if you use the teleport), etc.;
  • Changed PvP damage reduction from 0.75 to 0.5 (half of the damage you deal against NPC's);
  • Added the Blast Furnace Foreman in Keldagrim. The Foreman will sell Blast Fusion hammers for 1'000'000 coins each;
  • Converted the player's daily resets to use Epoch Day instead of Time and Date based on a specified region. The new system should be 100% accurate now;
  • Updated cache version to an RS3 update from 09/01/2020;
  • Replaced the game tab sprites with RS3 versions (inventory, equipment, prayer, etc.);
  • Removed the EXP multiplier divider for novice & regular game-mode players after reaching level 99;
  • Added a few more new Trivia questions thanks to @Kiwi;
  • Cleared Edgeville from all unecessary NPC spawns & Objects, and spawned in the correct ones;
  • The Hill Giant hut in Varrock now requires a Brass key to enter, and made the door auto-walk-able;
  • All Players will now auto-unlock 93 Music tracks upon their next login (same ones as RS3) (prior it was 34 tracks);
  • Interacting with the Grim Reaper in his office now uses a custom route event that makes the player walk onto the pedestal in front of Death rather than walking up to him (same as RS3);



  • Fixed a few issues with the new Smithing system;
  • Alchemical hydrix dust will now recharge alchemical hydrix jewelry by 50% per dust;
  • Fixed a few non-wilderness safe spots that should have been inside wildy;
  • Fixed instances of where the 'withdraw-x' and 'deposit-x' options would not work while banking;
  • Fixed all missing new NPC spawns;
  • Fixed Yak animations;
  • Melee off-hand weapons will no longer be able to attack from the distance of your main-hand weapon. The distance calculation will be limited to the lowest distance one of your weapons can attack at (ie. pairing a ranged main-hand with a melee off-hand will force walk you up close to the target before attacking);
  • Having the boodweed incense active will now have a 1/10 chance of giving you double the amount of logs when cutting bloodwood tree's;
  • Declining the option when trying to enter the Guthixian cache D&D with no boosts available will no longer silently start the mini-game;
  • The Berserker's Fury Relic will now correctly multiply your damage based on the Hitpoints you're missing and your current max hit rather than add a flat damage boost;
  • You should no longer gain random EXP drops while in the Toxin Maze room inside Dungeoneering (or any other sources that do incoming type-less damage);
  • The Heated Tea flask will now heal 375 Hitpoints instead of 50 every 2 minutes, also made it display the Healing hit-mark and correctly boost your Attack level by +3;
  • All Dinosaur's will now drop the Blowpipe chitin;
  • Demonhorn and dragontooth necklaces will now work as expected with Dinosaur bones;
  • Zaida will now correctly sell you the max amount of Sealed Clue's based on the current server's multiplier (capped at 100 at the moment);
  • Cutting Evil Tree's will now fill the correct type of Urn;
  • The Daily Summoning challenge will now correctly update the amount of pouches you've made in a single go rather than just 1 per inventory;
  • Removed a few quest items from NPC drop-tables;
  • Items that do not have a noted item ID will no longer be able to be used with Magic Notepaper;
  • These items are now trade-able: Seeker's charm, Fremennik/Ancient Warriors' equipment patches, Zarosian insignia (Archaeology material);
  • These items are no longer trade-able: Bird's nests (all types, except crushed), Bird's eggs, Magnetic minnows;
  • You can now brew and consume Cooking Potions;
  • Corrected Jewelry Smithing Crafting level requirements and EXP tables;
  • The Brooch of the Gods will no longer delete internal Urn's if the player does not have a free inventory space for the Urn to go (and if they don't have a started one in their bank). Also corrected Cooking Urn required collection EXP before send-off's;
  • The '::changepass' command will now allow you to change your password for up to 20 characters instead of 12;
  • Fixed Seren Spirits not yielding any loot when clicked on;
  • Fixed the incorrect Nex's destination tile when teleporting from the War's Retreat;
  • Fixed a couple issues with the new Smithing system, should be solid now;
  • All Elder tree's around the world can now be chopped;
  • Mogre's will now drop the correct 'Fishing explosive' item;
  • Feral Dinosaurs will now drop their noted Dinosaur bones more commonly and in amounts 1-5 rather than uncommon 1-3;



In Other news

  • Started working on a 'remake' game-type (not game-mode, actual server). The server can now handle multiple 'type' parameters on launch and will adjust itself accordingly. This change forced me to finally clean up all the hard-coded file paths (saving, loading, data's, etc.) which I made dynamic and flexible based on the server's launch parameters. Basically the 'remake' server will use the same code & data the main server does but with separate character files (ge, clans, discord, etc.) which won't take any development time once I'm done setting it all up. And to clarify - with 'remake' I meant actual RuneScape remake which has no commands, no custom teleports, very low EXP rate modifier. I'm not sure if I'll ever launch the remake server, maybe if Velheim gets over 100 players online constantly I'll consider it, was more of a "I want to do this thing" type of deal than anything.
  • Update on my 'sickness' - feeling much better now, still coughing and sniffing but at least the fever and headaches have passed. Should be back to my usual grind soon'ish.




- Media -

No media this time as there was no new content that could be showed off.











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