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Some things I did when I had the time to!





  • Interrupting your combat action will now check for both hands when re-initiating the fight (ie. your off-hand will now hit when re-clicked on target if not on delay);
  • While inside the white Clan War's portal (FFA) you will no longer drop items on death.



  • Completely scrapped everything Runecrafting wise and coded it from scratch since it was such a huge mess previously (wasn't my work). You might not see a lot of difference but server and performance wise it'll be a huge impact (in a good way);
  • Binding essence into runes will now automatically use all essence from all your carried Runecrafting pouches (if any in inventory) as well as all essence from your Abyssal familiars in a single click;
  • Mysterious ruins (Altar entrances (if any)) will now accept ALL the omni items, talisman staves, tiaras or regular talisman versions in order to enter the altars;
  • All portals, ruins, EXP rewards, level requirements, rune multipliers - should now be 100% function-able and correct (if not - let me know (late night coding..));
  • Also took the liberty of adding all combination rune crafting - they can be made the same way as you would on RS (info here: Combination Runes);
  • Added the 'Magic Imbue' lunar spell which gives you an effect for 15 seconds that removes the requirement of needing to have talismans on you to create Combination runes.



  • You can now renew your familiar's timers with new pouches without time restrictions;
  • Added a few missing Music tracks for instanced boss-rooms;
  • You will no longer get kicked out of your instances if the time expires, instead, NPC's will simply stop spawning (with a message saying so (however you will not be able to re-enter your expired instance if you've left));
  • Re-placed the Dummy Dispenser's in War's Retreat area to actual Max Hit dummies;
  • Added the Custom Fur Clothing shop to Fancy Dress Shop owner in Varrock;
  • Heavily increased the amount of Summoning blank Pouches and Spirit Shards all shops contain.



  • Making Bobblehead Barrow's pets will now correctly add them to your Collection logs;
  • The Mining Daily challenge will now only progress when an actual 'ore' has been given instead of on each swing;
  • Selecting the 'Confirm' option without having a high-lighted skill will no longer delete the EXP lamp (same goes for Bonus EXP stars);
  • Used Elite Robin Hood items can now be repaired;
  • Added the missing Treasure Trail General clue rewards that can be seen in the Collection Logs to the actual Treasure Trail rewards tables;
  • Holy Biscuits can now be consumed and will heal 3 hitpoints and 10 prayer points per;
  • Dungeoneering Skill doors can now be opened if you have the virtual level for it;
  • Al'Kharid palace door entrance will now animate when walking through instead of just teleporting the player forth and back;
  • Moved the 'Beckon in the Digsite, near the eastern winch' clue step to the actual 'most-eastern winch';
  • Fixed an issue that caused user addresses to not be read correctly.











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