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✪ Happy 3 years anniversary to Velheim! ✪ Thanks to everyone for your continued support! ✪ Here is to another 3 years! ✪

Ninja Log 11/02/2020

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  • You can now pick up all 10 material crates around the Warforge! digsite to find Invention materials;
  • The Praetorium War table can now be entered while the Kharid-et shield pylons are active OR having all 8 Shadow Anchor's activated;


Darkmeyer & related

  • Added the Drakan's Medallion to the vote point store, and made it function-able (can teleport the player to Darkmeyer);
  • Added all NPC spawns in and around the city with their correct combat definitions;
  • Added Ivandis Flail to Lucy's untrade-able's shop. The flail can be used to fight the Vampyres in Darkmeyer;
  • You can now chop the Blisterwood tree with level 76 Woodcutting to obtain Blisterwood logs. These logs may be fletched into Blisterwood weaponry (polearm, staff or ranged knives). These weapons are tier 70 and can harm Vampyres in Darkmeyer (with the addition of randomly doubling your max-hits);



  • The Slayer cape perk will now bring up an interface with all Slayer Master location teleports;
  • Having Slayer VIP tickets will no longer mess up obtaining Slayer tasks (this also fixes the 'Challenge Vannaka' Varrock diary);


Group Ironman

  • Members of a group can now claim the leader role if their group's leader hasn't logged in for over 14 days. The role can then be transfered to any other member of choice;
  • Clicking on any random or open group will now display when the members have last been logged on;



  • Dropped un-trade-able items in the Wilderness will now stay up for 3 minutes rather than just 1 minute. Also made items that can go to Diango's storage to go there first;
  • The Dark Magic aura will no longer work against other Player's;
  • All Parasols can now be stored with Diango;
  • Added the Level 50 Magic dart spell (Normal spellbook);
  • Increased the maximum 'Players Online' count from 100 to 200 (since we hit 100 just a few days ago (it was set to 100 because I never thought we'd get this far..)) and made it so if we EVER reach 200 online then people would no longer be able to log in instead of logging and not 'loading';
  • Made a new custom interface to handle ALL teleports that are item-based, and refactored all old dialogue options to use that new interface for all jewellery;
  • Spiced up the new player starter kit. The new given items can also be purchased from Lucy's un-trade-able's;
  • You will now get the correct amount of Daily Challenges if you haven't logged in for a few days;
  • Bonus EXP will no longer get used when the player has 200m EXP in the skill;
  • Added the Magic Watering can to the Vote point store. It can now be used to water plants, or sapplings, without filling it with water and can be added to your tool-belts;
  • Added new client shortcuts for: Home teleporting (CTRL + H) and teleportation menu opening (CTRL + T);
  • Removed the requirement of having at least 25 free inventory slots to open an Ancient casket, all excess items will now drop onto the ground;
  • Due to high request - moved the Masterwork Spear of Annihilation requirement from regular to trimmed Completionist cape;
  • Owned pets (while browsing the 'All pets' section in the Pet Storage interface) will now display in green and unowned pets - in red;
  • Replaced the Diamond Donator zone Prayer altar with the Chaos altar (it will still grant maximum EXP boost when using ashes/bones on it);
  • Reduced the amount of bolts you get from Mystery boxes, and added chinchompas to the reward table;



  • Castle Wars flags will now properly de-register when picked up from the ground, also made them walk-through-able;
  • Bright Wisp rift will now have the 'Enter cache' option whenever the Guthixian cache starts;
  • Corrected the Pyromaniac Invention perk trigger chance;
  • Fixed using Magic Notepaper on Color Dye's (would remove all your paper in exchange for a re-colored cape);
  • The Globetrotter Jacket teleport will now send the player to the correct tile instead of randomizing it causing in weird behavior;
  • Leaving Pyramid Plunder will no longer reset player's attributes;
  • You can once again infuse Runecrafting Tiara's;
  • The Demon Horn Necklace will now properly restore Prayer points when used in conjunction with the Bone crusher crushing Ourg bones;
  • Corrected Flickering Wisp harvest XP;
  • Added some effects to the Strykebow's special attack;
  • Your chat-box will no longer get spammed with 'Finish existing urn before starting new' if you don't have fresh urn's in your inventory;
  • Tears of Seren will now correctly recharge all player's dragonstone jewellery charges;
  • Clan chat admins+ can now temp-ban joined guests and existing clan members from their clan chat channels.



For all inquiries, e-mail us at: administration@velheim.com

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