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✪ Happy 3 years anniversary to Velheim! ✪ Thanks to everyone for your continued support! ✪ Here is to another 3 years! ✪

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  • The room behind Bandos's Throne in the Warforge! digsite can now be temporarily entered (until I finish the mystery & research related to this);
  • Bandos's Sanctum Debri now has a small chance of dropping the Spear of Annihilation tip;
  • Both locked chests in the Warforge! digsite can now be opened for noted materials;
  • Corrected the materials obtained from screening soil;
  • Boots of Flight (Stormguard Citadel) can now only be obtained in the excavation spots up in the sky. Also added the correct dialogue message when they're obtained;
  • Added a missing 'journal page' mystery to the Everlight's Digsite - The Dour of Bable. Collect 4 journal pages from Oiko's studio debri or Oiko's fishing remnants and then speak to Vanescula Drakan;
  • The Stormguard Citadel now requires the player to have a qualification of an Assistant to be able to use the digsite;


Chompy Bird hunting

  • Added Chompy Bird spawns South of Rantz (east of Feldip Hills);
  • Added Rantz NPC, and a 'custom' shop. Rantz will sell ogre bows, arrows and chompy hats. These hats can only be bought after you've killed certain amounts of Chompy birds;



  • Since vote books are now trade-able - the Squeal of Fortune spin reward option will no longer get doubled by the 'Double SoF earned spins' perk;
  • The Ceramic Champion perk will now double the EXP received from forming pottery;
  • Added noted uncut dragonstones (1-3) drop to Bork's table;
  • These items may now be stored with Diango: Commander outfit, War-chief outfit, Ringmaster outfit, Cooking/Smelting gauntlets, Keris, Ring of Whispers, Drakan's Medallion, Dragon Ceremonial outfit;
  • Invention Materials and the Currency Pouch can now be opened by right-clicking the Money Pouch (same as RS legacy interface mode);
  • Added an extra 'lair' of rarity to boss pet drops. The game will now roll a 1/250 to check if a pet can be dropped after the initial drop roll;
  • Diary notes in Elite Dungeons will now spawn 100% - as long as you do not have that page unlocked already;
  • Added a controller manager that can selectively prevent from placing down player-owned objects in specific mini-game's;
  • Telekinetic grab spell will now properly path you closer to the item before actually casting (will no longer work through obstacles);



  • Soul Split will no longer drain prayer points on each attack;
  • Fixed the 'Confirm' button when selecting Dungeoneering floors;
  • Fixed an overflow issue with selling items to a shop (also added a chat-box message for item sold and total price for reference sake);
  • Falador Achievement Diary full completion will now properly globally announce;
  • Pack Yaks can now bank items even if your bank is full, as long as you have that item in your bank already and it's not at maximum stack already;
  • Added drops to these Dungeoneering bosses: Divine Skinweaver, Runebound Behemoth;
  • Tok-Xil's will now attack with Ranged instead of Mage when not in-reach for Melee attacks;
  • Collecting items from the Grand Exhcnage will now respect the option selected ('Collect-items' & 'Collect-notes');
  • Mud pies may now be made with the Cooking skill;
  • When the 'Player Examine' interface is open, switching to your equipment tab or combat styles tab will now properly close the examine interface and refresh your data.




For all inquiries, e-mail us at: administration@velheim.com

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I like all the updates you provided here but kinda bummed out on the double SoF earned spins being nerfed a bit due to vote books being tradeable, was one of the only reasons why I got that perk. Aside from that, good job on these ninja fixes. :)

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