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With the weekend coming up, I figured it was time to have some community events going!

Silly PvM Massing! – All instances will be hosted under Nhs, and if needed, TheDarkTurm.


8:00 PM Server time for all days


I will have a gearing guide for these events, to participate you must gear according to the gearing guide or will be jailed for the duration of the event.

Drops will be FFA!

Feel free to use Elven ritual shards+enhanced Excalibur (Only for their special), Normal Overloads or Super Sets ONLY and venge group runes (Highly recommended!)

No Poison pots

ALL Overrides and cosmetics will be turned OFF for the events

Privacy mode is turned OFF (Allows other players to examine you)



These are done to ensure fairness, and that no one is getting an overwhelming advantage when it comes to receiving drops.



Friday: Corporeal Beast – Tyras Helm, Bronze spear



Saturday: Nex – Green Dhide set + Magic shortbow + Rune arrows + Avas Alerter + Glory



Sunday: Kalphite King – Blue mystics + Ancient staff + God cape + Glory

(Firespells only, using standard spellbook)



All items can be obtained via home shops/GE or indicated otherwise down below.

Tyras helm - Can be bought from Trader Crewmembers @ Catherby dock

God cape – Mage bank teleport, step through the nearby sparkling pool, and finally pray at the statue of the god of a player's choice.

If I missed anything, or want anything clarified, let me know and I'll add it here!


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