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Welcome to The Misfits! We are a motley crew of international clanmates with a strong core of knowledgeable and friendly players. Our community covers a wide variety of IRL backgrounds, Runescape/Velheim experience, and in-game playstyles. We are looking for fellow players to help us cultivate a fun and social space where we can all benefit from each other’s unique skills, knowledge, and comradery. The Misfits proudly accepts any player regardless of background, and does not tolerate any drama, disrespect, or unkind behaviour.




How do I get involved?

Please reach out using one of the following methods:
PM @Bux or @Jouni or @Dodo and ask directly
Comment your IGN in this thread and we will reach out to you
Guest in our clan channel and get to know us


Clan Goals

Have as much fun as possible
Help and encourage each other
Contribute to the success of clanmates


Clan Events

Clan Weekly Lottery
Every week our generous clanmates donate to a massive jackpot that one lucky clan member will be awarded at the end of the week.
Entries into the lottery can be obtained through PvM, skilling, clues, and participating in clan events. 

Clan Mass
We gather at a scheduled time to take down targeted bosses as a team.
Boss mechanics will be taught to anyone interested.

Hide and Seek/Trivia
Classic Hide and Seek/Trivia will be hosted by clan staff.
Participation will reward extra entries into the clan lottery.





We require players to have at least 10 hours of playtime before requesting to join.
All members must follow Velheim rules at all times and be respectful to each other.


Clan Achievements

The Misfits currently houses the rank #1 Regular (Dodo), Novice (Jouni), Classic (Bux), and Ironman (Sun) players.
As a member of our clan, you will always have access to their experience and knowledge.

The Misfits clan was formed after two of our founding members (Bux and Jouni) became champions of a PvM bingo event.
We have a wealth of PvM expertise and plan on supporting each other during future events.

Many members of our clan hold rank #1 PvM records (both speed and kill count) for a wide variety of Velheim bosses.
We will continue to help each other hold onto these ranks through our clan masses.



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The welcoming atmosphere of the clan helped me get back into playing Velheim. With over 1.1K hours of playtime on my account, since joining the clan I feel it has been the most interactive I’ve been on the server doing duo and group events or skilling. 


Being in this clan (though for just over a week) has re-sparked a drive to play the server and has me looking for time in my busy work schedule during the day or evening so that I can log in. There’s always a group doing something when I log in and everyone’s always happy to help or give insight on the many things I’m still learning about rs3. 

Not to mention the support I’ve seen and received from many of the members about real life events has been notable. Cannot wait to see how the clan develops and grows. 

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