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Update Log #102 - Dragonkin Laboratory (Elite Dungeon 2) & Misc. changes

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A long awaited and overdue update, sorry, life's been quite hectic with being a daddy now and all.

Quite a few of these changes were brought out between this update and last, just not documented.

Anyways - enjoy!



  • Praetorium War Table can now be accessed once again;
  • Sifting soil is no longer 100% to grant a material, also made it so if your inventory is full any excess materials go to your Material Storage;
  • The Epic of Hebe will now properly start the Mystery when one of the pages has been found. This will also properly allow you to finish the Mystery when talking to Vanescula Drakan;
  • Few museum collections have had their unique item rewards removed as that wasn't an intentional addition;


Dungeoneering Rewards

  • Packed ALL the new RuneScape dungeoneering rewards into the original Rewards shop. Removed Sonje (the secondary reward shop trader) as she is now unnecessary;
  • The Rewards shop now works dynamically, as in, whenever Jagex adds new rewards - we will have them in automatically;
  • You can now buy the charming imp, which can also be tool-belted. Also added the imp's configuration interface, un-wanted charm drops from NPC's will now auto-convert into Summoning EXP;
  • You may now upgrade your gem bags by buying the gem bag upgrade item. This will allow you to store uncut dragonstones and raising the gem storage limit to 60 of each;
  • Gold Accumulators will now auto-pick-up coin drops from NPC's. The regular accumulator can pick-up 1M coins before degrading. It can be overcharged by buying the overcharge item which adds another 5M coin charges to the accumulator;
  • The Advanced Gold Accumulator will now auto-pick-up coins consuming 10% of the coin amount. Can be added to tool-belt;
  • With the additions of Gold Accumulator's, the coin collector game perk price has been increased from 400 VC to 900 VC. Players that already own the perk will not be affected;
  • With the addition of Charming Imp, the charm collector game perk price has been increased from 400 VC to 1'000 VC. Players that already own the perk will not be affected. When unlocking the Charm Collector game-perk a Charming Imp will now be placed onto players tool-belt;
  • Charming Imp and Coin Collector options have been removed from the Slayer Rewards store;


Elite Dungeons

  • You will now be prompted to discard any previous Elite Dungeon progress if switching between them (if Aminishi is started, you will have to discard its progress to start a different one);
  • A lot more optimisations code-wise that unifies all Elite Dungeon code making it even more flexible;
  • Leaving a Dungeon when the last boss is killed will no longer prematurely end the instance if other players are still inside (teams);
  • Dragonkin Laboratory (Elite Dungeon 2) has been fully added. For more information check here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Dragonkin_Laboratory
  • Elite Tectonic equipment may now be made out of Draconic Energy;
  • As the Dragonkin Laboratory unique rewards are all Ability codexes, I've went ahead and replaced them with the Eldritch Crossbow pieces. Each boss will now drop a part;
  • The Eldritch Crossbow can now be assembled with the 3 parts and level 96 Fletching. It can then be dyed into shadow, barrows, ice, blood or third-age variants, can be augmented and repaired with Bob;
  • Completionist Cape's will be removed upon login due to a new Diary page addition;
  • Started working on Shadow Reef. Currently only have the start dialogues and instance building itself done;



  • You will no longer be able to teleport out of the instance, unless in the lobby area;
  • Changed the chest item removal mechanic to match RuneScape: you'll loose item quantities based on your current kill-streak, capped at 75% (starts at 5%, +5% for every consecutive kill);
  • Moved Bank chest & Soothsayer Sybil out of the way from the Exit in the Lobby;



  • The Junk refiner will now display a progress overlay when refining junk;
  • The Spring Cleaner will now remove charges and increase its internal upgrade charge amount when items are disassembled on item drops;
  • Augmented shieldbows (ie. Dark Bow) can now gain EXP and level-up internally;
  • The Precise perk now correctly increases weapons minimum damage;
  • The Breakdown perk now correctly gives the player all correct Materials when Smithing items from base bars without actually removing Smithed item;


Shooting Star

  • Increased the frequence of how often Shooting stars land;
  • Increased the amount of Stardust per star layer;
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing you to upgraded Gilded pickaxes from the Stardust shop;



  • Following up on RuneScape's update: Vannaka's combat level requirement has been changed to 30, and Mazchna's to 50;
  • Vannaka and Mandrith will now reside south of Edgeville's bank (in the ruins);
  • Added a new Slayer Master at Lumbridge - Jacquelyn. She hands out Slayer tasks for newby players;


Living Rock Cavern

  • Creatures will no longer attack player familiars, or each other;
  • The Pulley lift can now be used to right-click deposit-all;



  • Upgraded cache loading revision from 916 to 917 (RuneScape update from 22nd February, 2021 - https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/this-week-in-runescape-azzanadras-quest);
  • Music boxes and the Herb Burner will now get added back to player's inventory if they log out;
  • You can now right-click deposit all fish from any boat at the Deep Sea Fishing area;
  • Portable Crafters can now be used to convert red sandstone into robust glass and crystal-flecked sandstone into crystal glass;
  • The Superglass Make lunar's spell can now be used to convert red sandstone into robust glass and crystal-flecked sandstone into crystal glass;
  • Added 10 new Cosmetic outfit sets, along with a bunch of new weapon/shield overrides;
  • Added 'Ctrl+D' keyboard shortcut to quickly teleport to the Donator zone, 'Ctrl+Z' to teleport to the Diamond Donator zone and 'Ctrl+S' to teleport to the Slayer Master area. Also added a chat-box notification when players use ';;home', ';;slayer', etc. commands that tell them they can use key combinations (only once per login session);
  • Slightly improved the Squeal of Fortune game tab's visuals;
  • Adrenaline potions now have their 2 minute cool-down. They are now also un-trade-able;
  • Disabled Sliske set effect and Leviathan ring chat-box messages ('x has reduced the incoming damage by x');
  • Araxxor's 'The spiders above refuse Araxxor to die' message will now be a simple chat-box message, appearing once every 15 game ticks;
  • Mystery boxes and Strange boxes (herblore) now have a right-click 'Open-all' option. Also added a simple counter for how much Strange boxes you've opened (same as the Mystery box one);
  • New players will no longer see other players (and their followers) when in the tutorial phase. This is to reduce their client-load on the first login. Once the tutorial ends - other players (and their followers) will start to load-in normally;
  • All home Bank booths have had their missing options added;
  • Updated the level-up sound effects for our new skills (Divination, Invention, Archaeology);
  • All 'warspear' weapons are now classed as AoE (Area of Effect);



  • Hopefully fixed the visual issue of items not showing up correctly in some containers;
  • The Grand Exchange teleport scroll can now be used;
  • The Brooch of the Gods will no longer start new urns if your inventory is full;
  • Divination/Invention/Archaeology skill target goals can now be cleared, also fixed incorrect skill names when setting target levels/EXP;
  • Green Blubber jellyfish will now consume in 3 parts;
  • Slayer Dart spell can now be cast with Staff of Light, Staff of Darkness and Abyssal wand + Orb;
  • The 'Bag of Clues' item is now trade-able;
  • Corrected skill Bonus EXP removal;
  • All Blood necklaces may now be repaired with Bob;
  • Fixed using single Magic spells on target entities (ie. Teleblock on player, Air Strike spell on Rock Crab);
  • Sorted a GUI issue with RuneSpan's overlay;
  • Strykewyrms will now properly transform back to their non-mound ID on death;
  • You will no longer be able to spawn another Legio in the same instance if the previous one hasn't 'finished' (died) yet;
  • Some more improvements towards the Agility Pyramid;
  • Implings may now be frozen with Magic spells, also made them not take any hit damage;
  • Upgraded Slayer helmets may now be directly equipped from the Bank interface;
  • Sophanem Dungeon NPC's will now properly trigger collection log and world announcements when chest collection is turned on;
  • Fixed some staircases in and around Ardougne;
  • Half Wilder pie's can now be consumed;
  • Used Limitless Staves can now be repaired;
  • Keep-saked Capes of Accomplishment (and their Hoods) can now be toggled between old/new styles correctly;
  • Essence of Finality will no longer take noted items. Also made it so if lucky items are stored inside it they can then be re-claimed from Diango;
  • Fixed an issue with Diango's where on death a lot of items would not correctly go into the storage - now they should;
  • Starting up the 'Search' function from your Bank when in a different Bank Tab than the main one will no longer auto-close the search bar.


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I honestly cannot name another server that I have enjoyed as much as Velheim. The mix of pre and post EOC is phenomenal, and another beautiful update. 

PS; please keep the crystal chest fixed ty


Open Spoiler to see how to disassemble faster.


Put the item on that slot, spam left-click and f4 and enjoy.




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