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Hey, I have a very sad announcement to make this time around..


   With today's update, JAVA thought it would be cool to over-write the Grand Exchange offers tracker along with the back-ups that are created between each update/shutdown. Cool. So I went ahead and added things that will prevent this from happening; this includes copying backups and creating new ones in different locations, checking for dates and times, server not booting up if something is not correct. These are just some of the things I'll have for future unexpected misshaps and will ensure things like these never happen again on the live game.


   The last G.E. offer backup is from April 2nd, 12:43AM server-time, which is 2 days old, so the only reasonable way to 'fix' this is to restore that back-up and then manually refund every single player that had items in the Grand Exchange. We do have the G.E. offer logs, so staff will be helping me confirm every loss for each player more easily.


   Please understand that this was out of my control and I am truly sorry this happened.


For your refunds, please open a topic here: https://velheim.com/community/index.php?/forum/54-support/











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