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Basic Clue Setup Guide For Efficiency

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Basic Clue Setup Guide For Efficiency

A simple guide to show my setup for clue efficiency, because I see this question quite often in FC/PM.
Feel free to comment if i missed something, i'm not an expert.

1. Fill all hidey-holes. (almost all items can be bought from GE)
2. Grind out clues until you have the clue points for Globetrotter Outfit (=4950 clue points [Easy 1/Med 2/Hard 4/Elite 8/Master 16]),
    Which can be bought from Ziadia, the clue shop south of GE. Get the globetrotter shorts and jacket first, the rest of the pieces second.



Equipment:                                       Inventory:                                         Teleport favorite list (Ctrl+T) Knipsel.PNG.a673490ae0dd1d20dbfb104ee126a74d.PNG                         Quick prayer for Double agent:
 image.png       image.png.e4b2cf075c46e4afe11e1b7288b1e711.png        fav1.PNG.62665da42727bf9d07ab848c6504d183.PNGfav2.PNG.030ba303d00bfed10012672b05fcc766.PNG          image.png.8d9ebbe5172ee3ccaa78f7c85c100a64.png

                                                          - Amulet of glory (t) (hard clue reward)
                                                          - Juju teleport spiritbag (common drop from Mutated Jadinko) / Master Farmer Hat
                                                          - Yanille/Kharyrll/Lassar tablet (magic store @home - option 'miscellaneous')
                                                          - Lumber yard/Lighthouse/Gu'Tanoth/Bandit Camp Teloports (GE/general clue reward)

Second preset for wildy steps:   

Knipsel.PNG.dace9546954c55884dced8b1bf12c434.PNG         image.png

Other tips:

- Open up 3 tabs: https://runescape.wiki/w/Treasure_Trails/Guide/Coordinateshttps://runescape.wiki/w/Treasure_Trails/Guide/Maps (until you memorize them) & 1 tab with wiki page for other cryptic clues
- Keep a stack of easy/medium caskets in your bank for Globetrotter Jacket charges (comes in handy when doing large batches)
- ;;dz for quick fairy ring (Ctrl+D)
- place your house in Relekka
- Buy perk 'Stamina Stallion' 100 VC (Unlimited run) & 'Investigator' 800 VC (halves the clue steps)
- Caffeine



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