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3XP Skilling Event - Spring Retreat!

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Kick back, relax and get ready to skill! It's almost time for yet another skilling event - and the first hosted by me and dynasty together as a collaboration project! Any feedback after the event would be highly appreciated.

This time, we've shown some love to the Ironmen as well as regular users, adding Rune Essence as well as Soul, Nature and Blood Altars for you to use to your heart's content.


In order to access the event, use the notice-board at home or at ;;dz from the 3rd of May to teleport directly to the starting area.



What we've included for you this time:

Woodcutting Trees

Hunting Animals

Fishing Spots

Mining Ores

Smithing Anvil and Furnace

All Portables

Harps & Singing Bowl

Seren Stones

Archaeology Caches as well as War Table and Sanctum Debris

GIM Banks

Divine Locations (minus ores, trees and fish)

Supply Table

Chaos Altar

Invention Tables

Skilling Supply Stores

Priff Crystal Chest


Rune Essence

Soul Altar, Nature Altar and Blood Altar


Permanent spawns have been written, so in the case of a server restart, everything should resume as normal (aside from Portables, which will be added as and when they can be)

Massive thank you to both @Dynasty and @Nhs for their support and help in making this possible.



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