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This is a guide for people who want to get 4K Chompy Bird kills, for the Award on the Forums, or if it is for their personal achievements.

So with just having your ogre bow and ogre arrows equipped, you can get over 500+ Chompy bird kills an hour. It will take you around 8 hours (MAX) to complete. This is with using aggression potions and enhanced Excalibur. 

I suggest using aggression potions, and enhanced Excalibur for an more AFK method. Obviously not needed, but I wouldn't recommend attacking all 4K Chomby birds manually. Also will make it less annoying, with the aggression potions that is. You can also use a cannon with cannonballs for more and efficient kills per hour. Also if you want to go the extra mile, I suggest wearing armour like warpriest, or even lower tier. (I didn't use any personally, as I didn't see the need with the heals you get from the enhanced Excalibur).

Also you could bring the Bonecrusher, for the extra chance of receiving the ghostly pet (if you don't own it already), whilst going for the 4K Chompy bird kills. See the pictures below to find out how to get there, and to buy ogre bow and ogre arrows. There will also be a picture showing you where to stand, even thought it isn't really needed. Just standing around where the Chompy birds is located and having aggression potion effect active is more than enough.


How to get there:

Start off by doing CTRL+T, Portal at home or clicking on your Home teleportation (found at your minimap, also see pictures below, click the button inside the purple square).


Then it would look something like this, proceed by clicking the purple square which is for the Hunter teleportations.
Then next you want to click on the purple rectangle, and then click teleport now, which will teleport you to the Crimson Swifts, which isn't too far away from the Chompy birds.


Now you want to follow the purple path untill you come to the purple circles. 1. purple circle will be the shop, and the 2. purple circle will be approximately where to stand.


Incase the standing point wasn't clear enough, here is the extra picture (standing around where the pruple square is located):


I hope that this guide for the Chompy birds has helped you out.




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