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Update Log #104 - Ancient Invention, Invention Machines, Mr. Ex, PvP (Wilderness) Improvements and a plethore of other changes!

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Hey there, sorry for the long wait, life's been pretty hectic with the newborn..

Anyways, no Shadow Reef or Orthen in this update because as you've been noticing the server and the site had issues a few weeks ago and I was dedicating all my free time to sort those out, focused on stability over everything else. However with that being said - these 2 major content additions HAVE been started and are in development, I know I promised it earlier but they'll most likely be released in the next update.


P.S. I didn't document everything, there was a lot of server core changes and client changes/fixes, and I've most likely forgot about something in the run.. so as always - please let me know if anything's out of place!



  • The 'The Spy Who Loved Metal' mystery can now be handed in at Gee'ka;
  • Excavating at the Stormguard Citadel will now randomly yield Torn Blueprint Fragments (Howl's Workshop);
  • You can now interact with Gravitron Repulsors to upgrade your Wingsuit's to v3. This will start the How'ls Floating Workshop mystery;
  • You can now interact with the Gravitational Core to go up to the actual Howl's workshop (only after you've obtained the Stormguard Gerege and Wingsuit v3);
  • You can now interact with the Drafting bench in the Workshop to create Ancient Gizmo blueprint, Ancient tool blueprint and the XP Capacitor blueprint. Upon first interaction will auto-complete the Howl's Floating Workshop mystery. You can also search it for some free blueprint fragments;
  • Bronze-Rune mattocks can now be made through Smithing;


  • Corrected the clan forum thread ID's, they can now be set and clicked on to correctly browse the clan's forum topic (if any);
  • You can now place down Clan Vexillum's in most areas. The Vexillums can be clicked on to view the Clan's details. Only one can be placed down at any time, they will disappear if removed, or, if the player who placed it down logs out;
  • The Keywords option has been added. It can be used to enter clan keywords, ie. 'PVP, PVM, Best clan 2021, Events' etc.;


  • Switching from 2-handed to 1-handed weapons will now properly set the attack delay for your newly equipped weapons (previously you could quickly switch between them to deal a plethora of damage);
  • Damage dealt to targets other than the current target by AOEs (or by switching the primary/current target to another target) will only yield half the amount healed from Soul Split;
  • Augmented items will no longer provide any equipment bonuses IF you've ran out of divine charges;
  • The Enduring Glacyte will now correctly take less damage the closer it is to the Glacor that spawned it;


  • Fixed un-attack-able NPC's (over ledges, barriers, etc);
  • Fixed an issue that would lock the player indefinitely if 2 players opened the same skill door at the same time;


  • You can now store your scrolls by using them on your Familiar;
  • Combat-type scroll special attacks will now automatically execute if you have enough Familiar special attack points;
  • The 'Follower details' tab will now open up properly when clicked on from the Follower orb menu;


  • Fixed a couple issues that would sometimes cause private messaging to glitch out and not send any outgoing messages;
  • The 'Private' tab (under chatbox) now works correctly and updates all other player friends lists retro-actively;
  • Added a button to remove ALL friends/ignores from your lists at once (this can be found in the Friends List game-tab);

Mr Ex & Ironman related

  • Added Mr. Ex to Edgeville along with his full dialogue;
  • You can now remove your ironman rank by talking to Mr. Ex in exchange for 50,000 coins, you'll be able to choose from regular and novice game modes (this will automatically leave your current Group Ironman group, or, disband it if you're the leader);
  • Hardcore Ironmen can now buy extra lives from Mr. Ex in exchange for 75M coins scaling up with each life bought. Only a maximum amount of 3 lives total can be purchased;
  • You can now instantly gain a Wilderness skull from Mr. Ex;
  • You can now receive the Wildstalker Helmet from Mr. Ex. The helmet can be upgraded depending on how many PvP kills you have in total, it will also display your statistics, and can be used to transform yourself into a statue;


  • Added the Max Guild's combat portal tuning functionality;
  • Added the Max Guild's skilling portal tuning functionality;


  • Added the Crystal Shield perk;
  • Disassembling augmented Dungeoneering equipment will now refund you half of the tokens;
  • Overhauled the gizmo creation process, including a new interface and perk possibilities;
  • You may now create and store multiple gizmo's with perks in your inventory and bank, each acting as a unique item;
  • Added a few missing Discoveries related to Ancient Invention;
  • Added ancient invention. You may now manufacture ancient weapon/armour/tool gizmo's (after discovering the blueprints) to create new perk combinations;
  • You can now make XP Capacitor's after unlocking the blueprint. This item will store half XP gained from leveling your Invention items, at 100k charges it will transform into a trade-able version which can then be activated to obtain twice the amount of Invention Equipment XP while training at a cost of Capacitor's charges;
  • Added ALL invention Machines and their functionality. For more information - visit the Wiki - https://runescape.wiki/w/Machines;

Wilderness & related

  • Removed the 'safespot' tile in the King Black Dragon lair;
  • The Protect/Deflect from Summoning Prayer's will now properly halve the Familiar damage dealt;
  • The Forinthry Dungeon is now a multiway combat area;
  • Fixed an issue that prevented from attacking players in multiway combat areas while in combat with a different entity;
  • Essence of Finality stored special attacks can no longer be used in PvP scenarios;
  • Attacking a player that has attacked you first will no longer skull you;
  • Using a Familiar override will now properly toggle the override on/off when entering/exiting a PvP area;
  • Hopefully sorted the issue with incorrect item protection values;
  • Freezing players in a PvP scenario now works as intended - they can no longer move while being frozen;
  • Magic Spell effects will now take place the moment the combat 'swing' starts rather than when it lands. This makes entangle spells, freeze spells and teleblock work much better;
  • You can now use the Wilderness Air Orb wall shortcut;


  • Added a new teleport option to the Misc. section: Grand Exchange;
  • Replaced Home's Well with the actual Well of Good Will that Jagex uses;
  • Added the new missing item 'packs' to stores. Also added the missing Summoning store at Gu'Tanoth;
  • You can now use bank boosters on other players to increase their bank slots;
  • Telos, Araxxor and Queen Black Dragon loot 'chests' will now generate on initial open's rather than when the NPC dies;
  • Re-placed the 'Report' button under the chat-box window with a brand new integrated 'Wiki' function;
  • Mining Essence will now automatically note them. Also added a mining cycle cap so it's not 100% AFK;
  • Added an Anti-Macro input box that will pop up once every so often for specific actions. You'll have to enter the number that it asks for to continue with your action, every correct answer will yield a small amount of coins. Removed old home stall teleporting system;
  • Slightly overhauled the default titles interface, added 2 missing Ironman mode titles and the Boardhunter Champion title;
  • Expanded the War's Retreat re-attune boss portal interface for more future Boss additions, also swapped the Aminishi featured portal with Dragonkin Laboratory (forgot to do this earlier..);
  • Added a simple ';;xplock' command that will disable you from gaining any EXP in the combat-related skills;
  • Guthixian Cache now contains 'Ancient Memories' that can be picked up with level 92 Divination, they yield 4 points when offered;
  • Added a warning message when trying to drop items that degrade on the floor;
  • Raw coin drops will now only drop from your Slayer or Reaper task assignment NPC's, otherwise the original RS coin drop-rates will apply;
  • Overhauled how Elite items were created - base items that have been used can now be upgraded (including dyed, and used dyed versions);


  • Macbook users may now enjoy playing Velheim on OpenGL, maximum graphics;
  • Fixed a few formatting issues related to GIM group joining;
  • The Augmented Imcando Pickaxe can now be used to mine with;
  • Having runes inside your Large Rune pouch will now properly contribute towards the rune amount in your Magic spell-book's, which will 'light them up' properly if usable;
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Archaeology Material caches not to 're-new';
  • Ramokee items can now be properly un-equipped from the equipment tab;
  • Green blubber jellyfish can now be used to tick-eat, but now also shares its cool-down with blue blubber jellyfish;
  • Stackable Dungeoneering item drops will now get multiplied properly (ie. you will now receive more arrows as a boss drop rather than just 1);
  • You will now require a level of 115 Slayer to spawn the Magister;
  • Magnus Gram, the Banker on Jatiszo, can now be used to note/un-note items;
  • You can now add the Agility Master cape to the Magic Cape rack in your House;
  • Teplin Macagan's right-click decant option will now correctly bring up the options dialogue instead of instantly decant them back to regular vials;
  • Book of Chaos and Book of Wisdom (and their Illuminated versions) will now correctly work for protection in the Godwars Dungeon;
  • Removed some fish possibilities from the Deep Sea's Swarm location, also made it so it ignores Fishing level requirements;
  • Fixed an issue that would not properly add the correct Araxxor pet versions;
  • Getting transported to the Godwars Dungeon area by custom teleports will now automatically start the area 'controller'.


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