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  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding a second gizmo to augmented items;
  • Fixed an issue that caused gizmo dissolvers to not do anything;
  • Auto Disassembler will now accept untradeable items as long as they can be disassembled. It will now also correctly disassemble items that require more than 1;
  • Augmenting items will no longer remove the whole stack of augmentors;
  • Disassembling Refined Anima Core body/legs will now return it's non-refined version;


  • Reduced degradeable item repair costs by ~half;
  • Archaeology materials and repaired artifacts will now correctly disassemble into vintage, classic, historic or timeworn components;
  • Disabling Prayer Books will now display a message saying so;


  • Fixed Guthixian Cache's ancient memory item;
  • Protean traps will now correctly grant EXP for successful catches;
  • Hopefully fixed the issue of 'ghost items' remaining on the floor after disappearing internally;
  • When mining with skillchompas, they will only get consumed on critical hits;
  • Elite Ranger boots may now be repaired with Bob;
  • You will now be able to move through Dungeoneering's Sliding statues correctly;
  • You can now combine a Lucky Zamorakian spear with Chaotic spikes to make a Chaotic spear;
  • The Clover Parasol is now trade-able;
  • You can now un-equip pocket slot items while in combat in the Wilderness (unless it's a Demonic Skull);
  • Legendary pets will no longer pick up items you've dropped;
  • Reduced Enduring Glacyte's tile distance checks for incoming damage (no longer has to be across the room);
  • You will no longer gain double the Reaper Point reward per task;
  • Fixed Legio Quintulus lightning lines not dealing any damage;
  • The Wildstalker helmet will no longer try to upgrade itself when killing players if you're not actually wearing one.











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Thanks sandstorm for all of your hard work you put into the server.

I know its not easy to keep up with demand and its stressfull with this amount of players

Just wanted to say 99% of us appreciate everything you do for us, So a big thank you from behalf of the players <3

Check out this usefull hub for all the awesome guides that has been made for velheim: All Topic Sorted in 1 Place!


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