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Top Voters & Contributors of May, 2021

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Player feedback winners:

Another great month, quite a lot of feedback was given from different kinds of people. And from behalf of the whole staff team - we really appreciate your inputs, weather they're bad or good it gives us a chance on improvement, or, continue doing what we do!


Top Voters:

With a total of: 88,298 votes!

Each of them will receive a Christmas Cracker in-game, congratulations!


Top Donors

I keep saying this month after month after month and it's probably getting really repetitive at this point (I'll keep doing it anyway!), but a massively HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported Velheim this month yet again! Without you guys we wouldn't of get as far as we have right now, able to purchase advertisements freely, pay off server expenses and any other additional tools that I require.














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Another big one, thanks to everyone for voting and donating towards the server, and also of course for everyone that keeps playing. Thanks to Sandstorm and the Staff aswell for putting their hours in, and helping alot to help out players, and doing what they can. As said, thank you everyone again, and let's hope we can match the current month that recently started, almost forgot to say, but also thanks for all of your feedback, it is very appreciated.




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