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Locked Hardcore ironman cHaOs title finished!


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Started a HCIM with the main goal of completing the Chaos elemental log as the first hcim. Yesterday i did it! So i thought i'd share some stats on this grind.



Revenant kills:

Imp 967

Goblin 1686

Hobgoblin 603

Ork 535

Pyrefiend 526

Icefiend 570

Vampyre 603

Hellhound 605

Demon 557

Werewolf 615

Knight 480

Dark beast 553

Dragon 545

For a total of 8845kc

Almost all kills were done on task, I completed 4 emblems, and almost a 5th (T8 pictured in loot) equalling close to 150 tasks of revenants.

Strategy was to block as many wilderness tasks as possible, only had Revenants, Abyssal demons, Lava strykewyrms and Kalgerion demons left that i could get as tasks, so i didn't have to reroll too much to get a Revenants task.

Loadout / inventory


I started out with proselyte armour, whip+barrows defender then upgraded to dual khopeshs, until i got around 20 items on the log. Took a break for like a month, then returned with a few upgrades; ghosthunter, ccb and ancient repriser. Kills were way faster, and i eventually finished it out.


Artefacts sold for 25m

Cash from pure kills was around 40-50m

Not pictured here, are a superior Zuriel's armour set, superior Vesta's spear and superior Vesta's longsword and 2 revenant spirit drops (pet)

image.png.506f607d1be7af72e8d2b11edfd490fd.png Items in red are corrupt

Last item i needed was Statius platelegs, went around 35 tasks from my 2nd last item which was Morrigans leather chaps, till i got the Statius platelegs drop!

Had around 4 Corrupt statius platelegs before i got the regular ones. Including a pair a few kills before i finished pictured below.


Encountered around 4-5 people trying to pk me, but all lives remain intact, no deaths at all (yet :D)

Time spend

My best guesstimate is  around 15-20 hours, could've been faster if i had went for the ghosthunter + range strat before starting out.


Thanks for reading, any questions about this, feel free to ask below  :lol:

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forgot rev pets
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2 minutes ago, Grant said:

Very good effort, even more that you survived your hc status too :D

I'll deffo be going for this log one day as I love the title!

Good job buddy.

Yea, now it's just surviving all the pvm i have to do moving forward :D 

GL! It's a boring task after the first few thousand kc, and i think i got quite lucky on the drops i needed!

Thanks a lot!


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Mad respect. I'm all too familiar with the rev caves and their shenanigans and I can't imagine the constant mental strain you subjected yourself to to do this on a HC with 1 death losing you much more than just ghost hunter gear. Great job Asg

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